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11 Reasons for Servicing and Maintenance of Fire Alarm Systems

Jul 29, 2020
11 Reasons for Servicing and Maintenance of Fire Alarm Systems

Fire alarm systems are quite helpful in minimizing damage to property and preventing loss of life. This type of equipment performs the vital function of alerting building occupants of a potential fire. By raising an alarm, people are able to take appropriate actions to save themselves and property where possible. But this fire safety mechanism can fail horribly if there is inadequate servicing and maintenance of alarm components. If there is negligence towards proper maintenance of fire alarms, there is always a possibility of devastating and costly results.

It should go without saying that regular servicing and maintenance of fire alarms are of utmost importance. Why? Because there are a number of factors that can affect different components of a fire alarm system.

  • Buildup of dirt and dust
  • Undetected fire alarm installation errors
  • Unknown tampering or vandalism
  • Aging of parts
  • Temperature changes and other environmental factors
  • Building construction work

All of the above can cause changes in the circuitry, connectivity, and general function of your fire alarm system. If there is no consistent servicing and maintenance, any of these problems can result in system failure. With that said, here are 11 reasons why you need to ensure your fire alarm system is serviced and maintained on a regular basis.

1. It is the law

Not only do fire safety regulations in Ireland require fire alarm installation in commercial buildings and most residences, the Health and Safety Authority implores employers to ensure work environments are safe at all times. This involves regular testing of fire safety equipment by certified professionals in order to be in compliance. Fines and other penalties can result in cases where it is deemed that guidelines surrounding servicing and maintenance of fire alarm systems are not being observed in the workplace.

2. System longevity

Routine fire alarm maintenance can help to pick up on minor issues that could affect the longevity of the overall system. Buildup of dust, dirt, and grease, for example, can compromise sensitive parts and shorten their lifespan if left unattended. As a result, instead of a fire alarm system lasting 10 years, it may last half that time. This means you will need to spend on a new system sooner than expected.

3. Make upgrades smoother

For one reason or another, you may need to upgrade your fire alarm system in the future. Regular fire alarm servicing and maintenance can help the upgrading process to be less hassling when the time comes. This can be due to a lessened need to replace the entire system or making it easier to add newer components into an existing system because the current platform is still in good condition.

4. Enables speedy response

In any emergency situation, response time is critical in respect of getting people to safety and how quickly first responders can react. Every passing second gives an active fire time to spread and cause more damage. A regularly serviced and maintained fire alarm system will most likely be in a good working condition and, therefore, will raise an alarm at the first indication of a fire.

5. Save lives

The most important reason for fire alarm installation in any work or home environment is the preservation of life. The destructive nature of fires means human life can be lost or severely compromised in very little time. By ensuring the proper functioning of fire alarm systems through scheduled fire alarm servicing and maintenance, there is a higher chance of saving lives in the event of a fire.

6. Property protection

The next essential reason for fire alarm installation is to prevent, as much as possible, damage or loss to property. Fires can quickly rip through common building materials. This is made worse if a fire alarm system fails to alert people in time or at all. Servicing and maintenance greatly reduces the chances of such malfunctions, giving people more time to protect valuable assets and property if a fire breaks out.

7. Reduce the possibility of false alarms

Routine service visits can help to prevent false alarms as well. When smoke detectors and other fire alarm equipment go off for no reason, it can be quite annoying. But it can also be costly in more ways than one. For instance, consistent false alarms at work will result in employees leaving their work, which can result in a reduction in productivity. In addition, you may be penalized by authority bodies for continued false alarms.

8. Adheres to insurance requirements

For business owners, being on the right side of insurance is highly important. You want insurance to work in your favor if there happens to be an incident. You can easily be disqualified for insurance coverage if fire alarm systems are not being serviced and maintained. Moreover, you may be on the wrong side of an insurance claim if there is an incident and investigations show there has been negligence as it relates to fire alarm systems maintenance.

9. Peace of mind

Knowing that your fire alarm system is in good working condition can be reassuring. On the other hand, uncertainty can arise if the condition of fire alarm components is doubtful due to irregular servicing and maintenance. This also applies to employees, who may not perform at their best if they think fire alarm servicing and maintenance is inadequate.

10. Reduce unnecessary spending

As mentioned, lack of fire alarm systems maintenance can cause devices to fail quicker than they are expected to last. This means you will need to spend money replacing or repairing components more often than needed, and these costs add up.

11. Thwart nefarious plans

Criminals can tamper with a fire alarm system for the purpose of carrying out destructive acts at a later date. If fire alarm servicing and maintenance is conducted before such acts are executed, the plot could be uncovered and dealt with. More importantly, servicing and maintenance work that reveals criminal plans can draw attention to the need to overhaul or upgrade the building’s security measures.

While servicing and maintenance can seem unnecessary and even expensive, the occurrence of a fire can be way more costly. Routine maintenance of your fire alarm system will save you the headache of worrying about the safety of staff and property. If you have any concerns, you can rely on the experts at Power Right to assist with the maintenance and servicing of all your security systems.

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