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3 Things You Should Do When A Burglary Happens In Your Street

Nov 12, 2019
3 Things You Should Do When A Burglary Happens In Your Street

Over the last few years, burglary rates in Ireland have spiked at an alarming rate. This calls for a home security assessment to ensure that your home security system is up to date. A burglary happening in your street means you could be at risk of a break-in too.

If you fail to select from any popular security options, you could be the next target. Because once burglars are successful in breaking into a house on your street, the chances are that they would hit up a home close by owing to the similar layout and physical weaknesses.

Before we dive into that, here are some home burglary facts you should be aware of:

  • 34% of burglars use the front door.
  • The master bedroom is targeted first.
  • The most commonly stolen items are cash, electronics, guns, gold, silver, and jewellery items.
  • 65% of home burglaries happen when you are at work – between 6 am and 6 pm.

To ensure home safety, here are the 3 things you should do when a burglary happens in your street:

1. Add or replace your locks, doors, and windows

With 46% of burglaries occurring by forced entry through a window, replacing, updating, or adding locks to all access points in the house – from windows to doors – can improve overall home security. If exterior doors have a hollow core, replace them with solid wood, fibreglass, or steel.

Secure glass sliding doors and double-hung windows by adding a bolt lock or insert a metal bar in the track to prevent opening. Remember; lock up, even if you’re at home in the backyard doing some gardening.

2. Stay alert and get to know your neighbours

Sounds basic? It is. But we all have been guilty of being too engrossed in ourselves - oblivious to our surroundings. By being conscious of the usual hustle and bustle in your street, you’ll be better able to identify suspicious activity and report it to police when necessary.

Also, make the most of neighbour watch. Apart from knowing your neighbours, have regular meet-ups, and discuss issues. You can use neighbourhood watch apps as well, so all of you can easily connect and organize. Retirees could be of great help for patrolling the neighbourhood during the daytime. Creating a collective response to community safety can help deter criminals from the area.

Here a few things that indicate burglars might be targeting another house in the street. So, you need to be vigilant of:

  • Unknown vehicles on the street
  • Unfamiliar people walking in the street frequently
  • Strangers knocking at your door
  • Uncertified workmen

3. Consider installing monitored home security

An effective way to prevent burglaries is by investing in smart security systems, which include CCTV systems and remote management. Homes secured with home security systems are up to 300% less likely to get robbed.

They come along with a vast range of benefits. The best part is the option of remote management. You could use your smartphone and view your home from inside, outside, and around. A monitored home security system provides peace of mind, with a Power Right security professionals able to notify you if your alarm is triggered. Pair this with motion sensor lighting to deter opportunistic thieves. 

For further information and advice on how to best protect your home and your family, call us on 1800 938 881, or call into us at Collooney, Co. Sligo for a talk about protecting your home.

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