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4 Tools to Enhance Your Farming Security

May 09, 2021
4 Tools to Enhance Your Farming Security

It is necessary to invest in security solutions that you can trust to keep your farm safe. Millions of euros of farm property are stolen every year, so rural crime is more common than one may think.

There are many different examples of agricultural crimes, including theft of produce, livestock, machinery or other property, farmhouse burglary, vandalism, and sabotage. Such more than unpleasant incidents could undermine your businesses’ financial stability and make your employees feel unsafe. 

Surprisingly both universally accessible farms close to towns and cities and farms in very remote locations were more likely than average to experience illegal activities.

Remote farms are prone to burglary and theft of vehicles, farm machinery or tools, whereas easily accessible farms experience the highest levels of illegal hunting and fishing, illegal dumping of waste, livestock theft and theft of materials.

Is there a way to avoid such adverse incidents? Investing in a decent farming security system, including farmyard cameras, motion sensors, gates, and locks, is the best way to protect your farm from every form of rural crime.

Here are the four most effective tools explained:


Preventative Safety Audits

Prior to implementing any of the further mentioned security tools, consider having your business property assessed by a professional. Look for some reliable private contractors that suggest security surveys to pinpoint any parts of your property that are especially vulnerable to crime.

These experts can also give personalized advice on how to improve your farming security, taking into account your business’s location, setup, and budget.

In case you cannot afford a professional consultation, consider doing a DIY safety audit. There are some resources for farmers to help them keep their farms more secure, such as DIY safety checklists. Often local farmers’ organizations can provide such form. You can also easily find them online.

Make sure to complete a security survey every year. It is worth noting that security technology advances over time, and your security needs change over time as well. Regular safety audits can help you stay ahead of any burglars and criminals who may want to take advantage of your business.

Regular inventory checks can help you find anything that might have been stolen. Make a spreadsheet of every asset there is on the farm, including its estimated financial value. It may take quite a long time to realize something has gone missing as farms are large. Inventory checks may speed up this process.


Locks, Gates, and Lights

These are the simplest ways to keep thieves out of your farm. Every space around your property should have a lock. Even if your farm is a part of a friendly and trusting community, you cannot be too careful about using such basic tools.  

Make sure every access point around the farm features reliable gates. You can make it harder for thieves to climb the gates if you put barbed wire or chains on the gates. It is a good idea to utilize an electric entry code for your locks and gates. Remember to change them from time to time. 

Another excellent way to deter thieves is by keeping bright lights on. It costs money, so focus these lights on the most vulnerable areas, for example, fuel storage. Set a timer to your lights, so you will not need to turn them on and off manually.


Motion Sensors

Install motion sensors at the key areas throughout your farm to increase the efficacy of your security system. If the sensors detect unusual movement, they will emit an alarm. It will immediately deter a thief. 

It is possible to manually turn the sensors on and off when needed. Thus, they will not start off when your employees are working. You can take this strategy even further and set up infrared sensors, which detect irregular heat patterns.

Moreover, if any unusual motion is detected on your property, these sensors can alert law enforcement. Integrate motion sensors with the rest of your farming security system to increase the chances of capturing criminals. 


Security Cameras for Farms

There are enormous benefits to installing reliable farming CCTV solutions. Having visible farmyard cameras is one of the most effective ways to deter anyone who might want to sneak in.

Monitoring your farmyard cameras also increases the chances of catching potential criminals earlier. Additionally, it can help to identify the criminals after the incident, so that they are properly prosecuted. 

Here are the things to pay attention to when implementing surveillance cameras on your farm:

  • Many modern farming CCTV solutions allow syncing with your smartphone or computer. So, it is convenient to check the video feed at every moment wherever you are. Another way to use such cameras is to keep track of your daily operations and ensure everything all the processes are running smoothly.
  • Effective security cameras need to have a clear resolution as it’s much easier to identify a criminal or even read the license plate details from any car on the recording. The base resolution of your farm cameras should be at least 1080P. However, the most popular is 4K surveillance cameras that are 8MP in resolution. 
  • Install your security cameras at exits, entrances, supply areas and anywhere you keep valuable items. If possible, try to have both visible and hidden cameras. Visible cameras act as a deterrent for criminals, but often hidden cameras catch them in the actual act. Place your cameras somewhere they can’t be easily tampered with.
  • Consider using a smart camera that uses both an intelligent built-in motion-sensing technology and a surveillance camera. Such cameras allow creating a virtual box. When crossed, it will trigger recording and a siren to scare the intruder away. 


Many parts of a farm’s ecosystem may become a target for thieves. It is essential to make use of several security tools in order to protect your assets and to guarantee your team a piece of mind.

Start with a preventive safety audit performed by a reliable contractor. Be diligent with using locks, gates and set up bright lights in the most vulnerable areas. Install farming CCTV solutions, such as farmyard cameras and motion sensors throughout your farm. 

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