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5 Benefits of having a Smart Security System with a Fast Broadband Connection

Apr 13, 2018

Power Right Fire & Security and Fastcom have recently partnered to bring their customers an exclusive Connected Savings Offer, for a limited time only. The Connected Savings Offer gives new and existing customers of Fastcom and Power Right Fire & Security up to 20% OFF selected services and packages*

5 Benefits of having a Smart Alarm System or HD CCTV System in your home or business with a Fast Broadband Connection

  1. Easy Installation and Affordable. Smart alarm systems do not tend to be costly and a wireless alarm system needs only basic tools and is often, a quick and easy install.  One off payment and when installed, you own your system.
  2. Connected Home. As technology is now at the fore of most homes, many security systems allow you to not only receive any notifications of occurrences in your home, but to also integrate with other control systems via your computer or smart phone. These include lights, door locks etc. This can be especially useful while you are away on holiday and are looking to leave a false impression that someone is home
  3. See everything from anywhere. As consumers we like convenience, ease and most importantly we like to be impressed. We can now use a variety of apps or the internet to be able to view our CCTV recordings from anywhere in the world. Whether you want to view live real time footage or playback footage from a previous date, you can do so via an intelligent Smartphone, tablet, or laptop.
  4. Alarm management at your fingertips. Depending on the system, certain smartphone CCTV applications will allow you to quickly view and respond to alarms that are sent straight to your phone. This allows you to potentially identify and stop security incidents before they escalate in to something much more serious.
  5. Range. Nowadays Smart Alarm Systems can be wirelessly connected over hundreds of feet. This means that detached outbuildings and garages can be included in your CCTV or Alarm Network.

For more information on the Connected Savings Offer call Fastcom now on 1890 71 71 71 or contact Power Right by calling 071 9145 107 and Reference this Offer.

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