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Are You Thinking of Starting Up a Business in Leitrim?

Mar 04, 2020
Are You Thinking of Starting Up a Business in Leitrim?

With Ireland ranking reasonably high when it comes on to the ease of doing business, starting a business in County Leitrim could be a smart move. There is good infrastructure, access to government funding and services, and a skilled labour force, so there is plenty of incentive. In addition, there is great emphasis placed on connectivity, safety and security, with companies such as Power Right Services doing well to help new businesses get set up in the right way.

But how exactly do you go about starting a business in County Leitrim? Starting a business in Leitrim is not that different from anywhere else. Here are a few steps to begin:

Step 1: Have an idea. Every business you can think of came from an idea and that’s where yours will begin too. An idea for a business can be about something you are good at doing, a product that people will need, or a service that facilitates other businesses. In the case of Power Right, the company began 35 years ago, starting out with the aim to fill a void in finding affordable and high-quality safety and energy equipment and services.

Step 2: Questions and answers. Before charging ahead with your idea, it is important that you ask yourself some basic questions to test its feasibility. Is there a niche in the market you can exploit? What level of competition am I up against? How realistic is your goal? In what way can I improve upon what already exists?

Step 3: What will I need? This is the step where you start creating your business plan or have someone create one for you. You will need to think about employees, location, regulations etc.

Tip: Energy, security, and fire prevention are among the essential considerations you will need when setting up a company. In this regard, Power Right, a company specializing in the installation and maintenance of emergency lighting, fire alarms, security alarms, CCTV & electrical vehicle charging stations, can be of great help to startups.

What’s next?

With a solid business idea under your belt, your next step to starting a business in Leitrim is to approach the relevant bodies that will get you set up. Depending on the type of business you want to launch, there can be a number of entry points. For example, if you are based overseas and want to invest in a particular industry, your route to getting started will be different from someone who already lives in County Leitrim. If you are expanding from elsewhere or you are a foreign national starting your first business in Leitrim, you will need to get familiar with the various laws and regulations governing Ireland.

It can be a lot to remember. Good thing there are entities such as One Call to Success, which will provide all the information you will need. One Call’s aim is to help people locate the appropriate support services for their type or stage of business saving time and money. They can be reached by phone at 071 965 0496 or by email at

County Leitrim is undoubtedly one of the best places in Ireland to start a new business. With easy access to information and companies such as Power Right providing access to many of the essential services, a new business needs to get set up, the process of setting up shop in Leitrim is quite appealing.

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