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Automatic Car Park Barriers: Types and Benefits

Feb 02, 2022
Automatic Car Park Barriers: Types and Benefits

Most of the time nobody notices if your car park is operating smoothly. Nonetheless, if there are problems, people start complaining immediately. Even though owning and running a car park can be tricky, there is a simple solution to ensure the park’s smooth operation: installing automatic car park barriers.

Not only will automatic barriers reduce the costs but they will also increase the efficiency and speed of the car park. It will be easier for the customers to find their spaces quickly, and they will have less trouble waiting in line. Whatever your business is, it is vital to guarantee only a positive experience for your visitors; so that more of your satisfied customers could become repeat customers.


What Types of Automatic Barriers Are There?

The primary way to successfully control and regulate vehicles entering and exiting a car park is to install automatic barriers on exit and entry.


Entry Barriers

These security barriers need to fit the size of the width of your car park’s lanes as well as the height. It is necessary to make sure the arm can rise vertically. If the ceiling height is limited, choose a hinged or folding arm.  It often happens in multi-storey car parks.

Some solutions have a variety of arm lengths. Thus, they can suit most sizes of lanes up to 3-3,5 metres. One more option is the arm that folds out of the way instead of rising vertically upwards. Thus, installation is possible in most car parks.


Exit Barriers

These usually are of similar construction as the previous ones. Both are reliable, simple to use, and designed to withstand the stress of high-use areas. In terms of safety, it is worth having LED lights and stripes underneath visible when in use. Moreover, install a CCTV camera for security and remote control.


Additional Features

Ticketing. Having automatic barriers installed, the ticketing process becomes infinitely simpler. There are machines which can carry out all the transactions. Another to charge a client is to make him pick up a ticket while entering and pay when leaving the car park.

Additionally, you could issue your regular visitors, for instance, business workers or local residents, a fee card. This way they can choose to pay a monthly fee instead of queuing at the barriers.

Some modern car parking machines feature a touchscreen and can read any RFID ticket or barcode. Automatic barriers ensure an automated and reliable ticketing process. It benefits both you as an owner and customers as they will not have to wait to pay.


Benefits of Automatic Car Park Barriers

There are a few reasons to use the security barriers:

Staff costs. Having barriers installed means lowering the cost of employing staff because your car park will require fewer workers to run it a day today. You will still need employees for queries or occasional issues, but for the most part, the equipment will operate by itself.

Security. Only customers who are authorized can enter the car park.

Speed of entering and exiting and convenience. Customers spend much less time queueing to enter or exit. It adds up to a smooth and positive experience.

One more advantage is that these machines will supply you with detailed accounting information at the end of the day.


On the whole, automated barrier systems can not only improve the flow of employees or customers in and out but also save you a significant amount of money. Furthermore, the security barriers create a safe and trustworthy environment, encouraging people to come back again. Thus, your happy visitors are likely to become your regular customers.

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