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Benefits of Openpath Access Control Solutions for Business

Dec 21, 2022
Benefits of Openpath Access Control Solutions for Business

Access control solutions, such as video intercoms and smart readers, are essential proptech products that have helped operators and owners manage access for decades. Recently, cloud computing services have drastically improved modern access control systems. Almost everyone uses the cloud to store photos, manage documents and share files.

So, many respectful service providers, including Openpath, use this technology for access control. In comparison with traditional systems, the prime cloud-based systems are more reliable and convenient.

Openpath offers access control solutions to accommodate both enterprise and small businesses. This system may be deployed in enterprise offices, educational institutions, commercial properties, houses of worship, multi-family residential communities, gyms and fitness studios.

Openpath suggests flexible options to fit a wide range of access control needs. It is ideal for enterprise customers, who might have different requirements across their numerous locations and building sites.


Overall Security

All communication is encrypted end-to-end. The readers do not store any information locally. Therefore, it helps prevent breaches and protect data. All company hardware can withstand Internet and power disruptions and alerts against tampering.

Easy Installation

One of the benefits listed by the customers was the speed of deployment. For instance, the Openpath Standard Smart Reader v2 works with standard electrical wiring and can be quickly mounted on a wall. It supports several touchless access methods, including Wave to Unlock, unlocking via a smartwatch, and in-app and remote unlock. Moreover, innovative functionality allows the Smart Reader to track occupancy.

Flexibility and Limitless Integration Capabilities

Using this access control system allows creating site-specific solutions for every location and user. Open API architecture allows seamless integration with all the apps and tools you need to run your business. So, video Intercom smoothly integrates with existing surveillance systems for full automation and customization across your entire enterprise.


Openpath access control is an ideal option for businesses that need flexible configurations, as you could scale up or back the system effortlessly and add new locations when necessary. One of the best access control solutions for a remote location or a small office is Single Door Controller. It can support up to two entries. Adding a door to your network becomes affordable even if complicated wiring would be cost-prohibitive.


Your IT costs reduces as there is no expensive software or licensing to renew. You only pay one fee instead of installing and replacing servers, writing new software, and hiring professionals to do it. Hence, choosing a cloud-based access control system saves you much money and time.

Touchless Entry Experience

Create a safe contactless environment for your employees and visitors by implementing Video Intercom Reader Pro. It combines an intelligent intercom, a built-in high-resolution camera, and a multi-technology reader for visitors to initiate calls and communicate with assigned users.

Outstanding Hardware Design

Most access control systems have outdated hardware that doesn’t fit the aesthetic of the twenty-first-century workplace. Contrarily, Openpath’s Smart Readers, Pro Series Video Intercoms and control hubs are not only functional and frictionless but also sophisticated and sleek.

Real-Time Reporting

You can search, filter, and export comprehensive reports to perform routine audits and maintain compliance. Real-time visibility into access activity throughout all locations provides better awareness. Additionally, it allows for improved space management and ensures social distancing.


Openpath access control solutions do more than only keep unauthorized people out and lets authorized users in. It is a complete access control system, with a full range of software packages and hardware options.

Its robust access control solutions, such as multi-tech smart readers, video intercoms, and touchless unlocks, allow customers to create safer and healthier spaces. The system scales up or down with ease, featuring open standards for frictionless and quick integration.

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