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Better Security with Home CCTV Systems

Feb 01, 2017

It's not unusual these days to find CCTV systems in shops, restaurants, businesses and factories, but is there any real advantage to installing a CCTV security system in your home?

Ask your home insurance agent that question, and the answer you get will be a resounding yes. Home CCTV systems can be an important addition to your home security, and most insurers recognize their benefits to the point of reducing your insurance premiums when you install a home security system with CCTV capabilities.

The other benefit of home security video through a CCTV system is the ability to view the recording after the fact. Imagine, for example, that a thief breaks into your home while you're out. Your video recording can be instrumental in helping the police identify the thief, and serves as evidence in the event of a trial. 

A video surveillance camera also makes it easier for you to observe parts of your property that are not in easy view of your home. A CCTV camera mounted over the front door allows you to see anyone approaching the house, or to check who's at the door without opening it.

Another benefit is the ability to remotely monitor what is happening at your home. You can view the footage on your phone in real-time and this can give you peace of mind even if you are far from home. 

CCTV systems are far less expensive than most people imagine. Technology advances have made them cheaper to manufacture and put the basic CCTV camera and surveillance system well in range for most homeowners.

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