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What Choices Do You Have When Picking EV Charging Solutions?

Jul 17, 2020
What Choices Do You Have When Picking EV Charging Solutions?

Thinking of investing in an electric vehicle (EV)? Great move. Based on current consumer trends (and the benefits to the environment), the Irish government is hoping that at least 10% of all vehicles on the country’s roads will be electrical by year end 2020. One concern faced by the buying public is the availability of charging points.

Before going into different solutions, let’s look at the two main types of car charging stations:

  • Public charging: Utilizing any of a network of publicly available car charging stations, including those installed at car parks, shopping centers, fuel stations, street side, and other publicly accessible areas. Public charge points can be located using a variety of apps.
  • Home charging: This involves having charging points at residences and other private property. With home charging points, your electric vehicle is charged using the electric supply on the premises. At homes, the cost can be as low as 2 Euros for overnight charging based on night rate electricity costs.

There are many options available if you are seeking EV charging solutions for your home or commercial space. However, choosing the right ones will provide the best results. Here are some of the recommended choices based on our research.

Mennekes Amtron

The Amtron series of home EV charging stations combine sleek design, functionality, and a range of smart features for efficient car charging. The wall-mounted EV chargers can be easily integrated into a smart home setup and come with different power configurations for regular or fast charging. They also feature intuitive extras such as LED status display and a free charging app for added convenience.

HomeBox Slim

Suitable for home garages, residential parking lots, and other private locations, the HomeBox Slim features a minimalist but professional design. The standalone charging station makes installation and operation quick and simple. Each unit also comes with excess current and leakage protection to ensure optimal performance.

Wallbox home series

The Wallbox series includes the Pulsar and Pulsar Plus currently offered by Power Right Limited. They are smart EV charging stations that are designed to adapt to the power needs of your electric vehicle. Featuring the most compact design on the market, the Wallbox EV chargers also come with remote control capability, as well as power optimization and overload protection

EasyGo Network

This EV charging solution helps owners of electric vehicles find rapid charging stations across Ireland using the EasyGo app. The network currently includes over 1200 EV chargers that are compatible with all types of EVs. The app has a range of nifty features, including helping users find charging stations by port type and availability. The EasyGo network offers a subscription service, as well as a pay-as-you-go option. If you are interested in the EasyGo network, you can also gain access through Power Right.

EO Mini Pro

Ranked as the world’s smallest smart charger, this EV charging solution is ideal for the home user looking for something small but still powerful. Each unit comes packed with a range of intelligent features to optimize energy consumption, and it is compatible with all EV brands.

EVs need charging stations in a similar manner to how petrol cars require gas stations. Fortunately, there is an increasing number of charging solutions on the market in this regard.

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