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Commercial Access Control Solutions in Ireland

Jun 11, 2019
Commercial Access Control Solutions in Ireland

Access Control Systems

Access control is a method for limiting access to a system or to physical or virtual resources. An access control system gives users access and special rights to systems, resources, and information.  

In access control systems, users must present certifications before they can be allowed access. In physical systems, these credentials may come in numerous forms, but credentials that can't be provided give the most security. Access control systems are mostly used to control entry through exterior doors of buildings and offices.

Benefits of Commercial Access Control Systems

  • Prevent undesirable premises access or interruptions
  • Prevent interruptions to your business tasks
  • Prevent overcrowding in areas with set inhabitance rates
  • Protect data and intellectual property from access or robbery
  • Shield workers and visitors from outside disturbance
  • Help with other on-premise loss prevention measures
  • Limit employee movements during and after business hours 
  • Shield stock and equipment from robbery or misuse
  • Easily controlled and monitored from an incorporated security office

Commercial Access Control Solutions

Access control solutions address the particular, real-world requests of the modern business environment. The new developing products and access solutions represent unparalleled convenience and design, without making any compromises on execution.

Advance Systems access control products let you stay in direction of pedestrian and vehicle traffic onto your premises: both progressively and remotely, with advanced software automation and systems administration capacities. Areas where access control systems may be used:

  • Hospitals
  • Government Buildings
  • Factories/ Markets
  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Banks
  • Filling Stations

Access Systems and Door Access Control

Sophisticated card readers and keypads incorporate consistently with your security software. Increment your control over individual access rights to each region of your building, office, hospital or market.

Spinning Doors  

The most secure, most financially method of installing access control system commercially is a robust revolving door on the entrance.

Ticket Admission System

We give ticket-reader system to quick and reliable access. Sweep a variety of formats, including most kinds of barcodes (scanner tags) and RFID.

Portable Access Control Units

Container-encased gate security doorways. Complete transportability settles on these units an intelligent decision for temporary and one-off occasions. Half-and full-height models; biometric and standardized identification scanner system alternatives; vehicle barrier and Guard House units give a total, all-climate solution at commercial property.

Storage Access Control

Robust, network lockers which adjust to any situation where dependable individual security is basic: from fitness clubs/gyms and golf clubs to staff rooms and therapeutic offices. Our coordinated smart system produces live information covers on lockers status and battery life.

Vehicle Park Barriers

Including standard traffic stream control system, retractable barricades and road blockers, and too high-security systems equipped for withstanding even the highest level of danger.

Car Park Payment Systems

Car park payment solutions make arrangements for all payment types; independent units or integrated barriers; ticket issuance; and might be completely coordinated into more extensive security systems.

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Intelligent transportation systems speak to the bleeding edge of access control. The best state of the art software offices that enable you to identify vehicle offenses; control and coordinate the flow of heavy traffic, or gather information of individual vehicles or current driving conditions.


Pricing for access control systems totally depends upon the hardware that you chose whether traditional or IP system. In 2019, biometric becomes the most popular B2B service, use for time and attendances systems. It is mostly used in offices and employees can mark their fingerprints when entered in building or offices.  If you would like a quote on access control please do not hesitate to request a call.

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