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Commercial Intruder Alarm Buyer Guide 2020

May 02, 2020
Commercial Intruder Alarm Buyer Guide 2020

In the market for a new commercial intruder alarm system? Choosing the best option requires careful consideration to ensure the system you install will optimally improve the security of your business for as long as you are operational.

Deciding on an intruder alarm

There are many different types of burglar alarms for businesses on the market. Deciding on the right one for you can take some amount of research. First, you need to determine the possible security risks that might exist at your place of business. Once you have determined the vulnerable areas, you will then be in a better position to choose an appropriate alarm system for your business. In addition, you will need to look at the different variables:

  • Price: The larger your building and the more assets that need protecting will determine how comprehensive your alarm system needs to be. More security features will equal a higher price.
  • Cost of installation: The cost of installing your burglar alarm system should be factored in when comparing prices. Some wired units, for example, will require a lot of work to run new cables, while some wireless systems can be surface mounted, requiring minimal work to install.
  • Features: Deciding what features you need is dependent on how vulnerable your commercial property is to burglary. To avoid paying for features you don’t need or not getting the best features to suit your business, it is recommended to get a professional security assessment. In Ireland, Power Right Limited is one of the go-to companies for security assessment and burglar alarm installation services.

Let’s now look at the most common types of intruder alarm systems used commercially.


The wired alarm system is one where all the components are directly connected (wired) to a central control panel. This type of system is popular with many businesses but one drawback is that they require heavy installation work to set up initially.


Wireless alarm systems are self-powered devices that do not use cables. They communicate with the main control panel using radio signals. One of the main benefits of this type of system is that it is pretty easy to install. On the other hand, wireless burglar alarm systems tend to be more expensive than wired and they will need periodic battery changes.

Audio Only

One of the simplest intruder alarm systems is an audio-only burglar alarm system. With this option, the alarm device simply makes an alerting sound to notify a building’s occupants and people nearby that a robbery might be in progress. While this is often the most cost-effective burglar alarm, it is considered less secure because people passing by may ignore the alarm. For that reason, it is recommended to combine this alarm system with other anti-intruder devices.

Alert by smart device

This is a variation on the audio-only type of burglar alarm system. If the alarm goes off, a notification can be sent to a dedicated smart device, making it possible for the user to respond as needed. The business owner can call the police or reset the system if a false alarm is suspected.

Monitored system

With this type of system, a third party company or selected personnel with key access will monitor your burglar alarm system. If the alarm goes off, an alert will be sent in one of two ways – either directly to the person with key access or to the monitoring station, who will then alert someone in charge of the building or call the authorities. This type of commercial burglar alarm system is increasing in popularity because it is more thorough. However, it can be more pricy depending on the arrangement. Many providers of burglar alarm systems also offer monitoring services for a monthly fee.

Installing the right commercial intruder alarm system is essential for any company serious about protecting its assets and employees. With different types of commercial burglar alarm systems available, it is recommended to get professional help with assessing the needs of your business.

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