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Commercial vs Residential Intruder Alarm Systems

Apr 25, 2021
Commercial vs Residential Intruder Alarm Systems

An intruder alarm system is a set of electrical components that are connected to a property. These components are capable of detecting movement or the opening of windows and doors. If it happens, the system emits a loud alarm to alert people of unauthorized entry.

Burglar alarms are used in industrial, military, commercial, and residential properties for protection against theft or property damage. Moreover, intruder alarm systems can provide personal protection against trespassers and scare off potential burglars.

Usually, all kinds of security systems, regardless of whether they are installed in commercial or residential property, are put into the same category. However, such commercial alarm systems differ from home alarm systems, and here is why:


Commercial Properties Have More Complex Safety Needs

Business sites are usually in high-traffic and sometimes higher crime rate areas. Commercial premises might be more attractive for burglars. Its safety also depends on the surrounding environment (if neighbouring business owners have put some security measures in place). 

Thus, intruder alarm systems for commercial premises are advanced and comprehensive. Such systems are usually meant to protect much larger spaces. There are multiple layers of additional security solutions throughout the building, such as video surveillance cameras and controlled access cards.


Built-In Security Measures in Residential Areas

There are neighbourhood watch programs, keeping an eye on safety 24/7. Commercial buildings rarely hire costly security guards to stay overnight.

Furthermore, private residences are naturally safer. The only visitors are usually homeowners and their guests. On the contrary, not everyone, who can enter the commercial premises, is invited or welcomed. 


Different Potential Threats

Although the purpose of alarm systems is to protect occupants of buildings and homes, the scale of potential threats differs significantly. 

Depending on the company, employees may be exposed to some specific risks like fires and chemical spills. Thus, having simply a burglar alarm will not be sufficient. For private residences, the most common threats are break-ins and fires. 

The secondary purpose is to protect property and valuables within the building. This need is common for both the business and residential sector, although it will exist on a larger scale for commercial buildings.

Any business owner should look into a particular set of features to run everyday operation safely and efficiently. Here are some of them:

24/7 Monitoring Service

Many professional commercial alarm installers offer such a service. When the system is breached, the alarm goes off, and you have to take action. With monitoring service, an emergency response team also gets a notification and can help you deal with the issue.

Panic Button and Hold-Up Devices

Knowing that help is only a button push away brings extra peace of mind to your employees. You can set up discrete panic buttons in the most vulnerable locations around your premises.

Glass Breakage and Vibration Detectors

Burglars often attempt to break glass to gain access to your building at night. We will be alerted of any glass breakage or unusual shock vibrations that occur at your facility.

These are a valuable addition to any burglar alarm system when an increased level of perimeter security is paramount to provide early detection of a break-in. Such solutions vary depending on the type of the perimeter building structure. These detectors can be mounted to external fencing, doors, ceiling, and window frames. 

Integrated Security

Commercial burglar alarms work most efficiently when integrated with all parts of your security system, for example, video surveillance and access control. 


Some people would assume that the security needs for businesses are the same as the security requirements of a family. Nonetheless, commercial and residential burglar alarm systems are quite different.

Larger business premises with many entrances and parking require a more expensive and sophisticated commercial alarm system integrated with cameras that record footage continuously, 24/7 monitoring services and other additional safety features, such as panic buttons and vibration detectors.

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