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A Complete Business Security Solutions List of 2020

Dec 16, 2020
A Complete Business Security Solutions List of 2020

The physical security market has shown significant growth in 2020, especially in the enterprise segment, as they have a larger infrastructure to protect and a larger revenue pool to spend.

COVID-19 played a crucial role in defining business security needs in 2020. Although many businesses had to shut down or ask its employees to work from home, the unattended premises still had to be secured and watched over.

Moreover, as businesses started to reopen, they had to follow some safety guidelines to ensure health protection of its customers and employees. Luckily, there are some technological solutions and experienced security equipment installers which may help to implement these rules and provide peace of mind.

So, what are the most popular business security solutions in 2020?


Access Control Solutions

Nowadays there is a wide range of advanced and affordable access control systems which guarantee authorized access for staff or visitors to business premises. This security tool may include several security solutions including door access, car park barriers, turnstile systems etc.

An experienced security equipment installer may advise you on pairing your solution with access control software, which can capture entry and exit of your employees and visitors, including failed entry attempts. Such affordable access control systems may help to comply with health and safety regulations as it allows viewing who is on-site at any time. 


Turnstiles And Barriers

A modern turnstile, such as PORTACC, is a portable integrated access control system. It combines advantages of security (it is a half-height or full-height turnstile), electronic access control (can be paired with a biometric, RFID reader or bar code scanner), and mobility (it is a portable). It is not possible to enter the restricted area without the approved credentials.

This solution can be supplemented by a car barrier system and area monitoring by CCTV.

Advanced turnstiles and barriers may feature anti-vandal constructions and weather-proof surface, so it is possible to use these solutions in such extreme environments as mine and oil industry, concerts, and construction sites.


Ticket Admission Systems

There is another attractive, user-friendly and affordable access control system featuring innovative technology, which allows reading various formats such as RFID and barcode, for example, REA ticket terminal. Its other features include vandal-proof surface, optional touch screen, and multi-language messaging.


Contactless Access Control Systems

Due to the spread of coronavirus, most of the popular business security solutions in Sligo these days are contactless. Here are some of the most common:


Revolving Doors

This solution is stylish, efficient and meets safety regulations. It allows easier access and reduces the number of fumes entering the building. They are perfect for high-traffic locations, and for the wheelchair or crutch-bound. Revolving doors can be used with other security systems.


Contactless Exit Buttons

Such non-touch solutions as Hotron Clearwave Exit Switch, Hotron J-Wave Exit Switch, FAAC Magic Switch, and Vanderbilt Blue-EX Button are perfect for businesses where hygiene is of vital importance. They allow automatic door activation from a distance of 5-40cm. 


Temperature Detection Solutions

Due to pandemic, it has become necessary to restrict potentially sick people from entering your business premises as they may spread the virus further. There are quite a few no-contact temperature scanning solutions available to check anyone entering your facilities:

  • Hand-held infrared thermometers are portable and quick to use in a line of people.
  • High-volume temperature camera is a scanner providing temperature control in a high-traffic area.
  • Temperature scanner with facial recognition is an updated version of a more traditional access control method, allowing your employee to clock in and enter the facilities while also check their temperature.
  • Walk-through temperature scanning gate provides detection of elevated temperature and detects metal contraband at the same time.

Leading video surveillance companies offer a variety of temperature detection solutions. For example, Dahua offers a hybrid thermal network bullet camera with remote temperature monitoring for any large public gathering location and a more compact option Thermal Temperature Station, which can be easily installed in office buildings and retail locations.

Hikvision suggests the whole temperature screening series and packages, including hand-held, turret and bullet cameras.


Intruder Alarms 

One of the most favoured business security solutions in Sligo and elsewhere is a burglar alarm system. Comprehensive intruder systems use a variety of the best wireless and wired alarm technology, including motion detectors, magnetic sensors, glass-break sensors, and other devices.

When dealing with an experienced security equipment installer, you will be able to choose state-of-the-art tools from leading manufacturers, for example, Honeywell, Texecom or Sonitrol. 


CCTV Security Systems

There is no better way to protect your property, people and assets than installing a sophisticated and advanced video surveillance system. Together with a reliable security system company, you can design, install or upgrade a variety of CCTV solutions to meet your specific needs and budgets.

Depending on the size of your business, you may need a simple camera solution or the whole complex CCTV indoor and exterior CCTV surveillance and monitoring solutions.

A modern video surveillance system can feature low light surveillance, perimeter thermal monitoring, and motion detection and be integrated with facial recognition, vehicle recognition, fire detection and alarms and other security solutions.   


Final Words

Any business with a physical presence should take care of its security. This year the priorities have changed with the focus shifted towards making your workplace COVID-secure and meeting the regulatory requirements to guarantee your staff and customers’ health.

Conventional access control solutions as turnstiles and ticked admission kiosks are still widely used, although in the year of 2020 various contactless solutions become more and more popular. They include an access control system with facial recognition, non-contact door switches and exit buttons, and revolving doors. Many businesses implemented temperature detection solutions to guarantee COVID-free environment in their business premises. 

It is worth noting that if your business property stays empty while your employees work from home, it increases the risk of vandalism and burglary.

Thus, the best way to detect and prevent theft is by installing a complex monitored security system utilizing CCTV cameras, burglar and fire alarms. In case you are looking for appropriate business security solutions in Sligo, do not hesitate to contact our Power Right team!

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