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Contactless Access Control Product Comparison 2020

May 12, 2020
Contactless Access Control Product Comparison 2020

Commercial contactless access control systems allow businesses to restrict access without requiring people to physically touch access terminals. There are many different types that can be used in a variety of ways, including door access control, automatic gate control, intercom systems, facial recognition, identity verification, etc.

A variety of products are available on the market for different access control applications. Here are the most popular contactless access control solutions based on reviews and ratings, along with their pros and cons.

Suprema FaceLite: This is the most compact face recognition terminal which can be used for various access control situations. Features an ergonomic design and the latest innovation in facial biometrics.


  • Supports most types of RFID cards
  • Offers highly secure data protection via AES encryption
  • Supports Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Android and iOS mobile devices
  • Also compatible with Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled devices.
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Live face detection with fake face blocking technology


  • Requires mobile card for NFC, BLE applications
  • Does not provide image log
  • Slower face matching speed (1,000 matches per second) than FaceStation 2 variant (3,000 matches per second).

Suprema FaceStation 2:  This smart face recognition terminal is the most advanced of its kind. Offers unmatched speed and innovative facial biometric features allowing for superior performance in all lighting conditions.


  • Large memory capacity
  • Superior face matching speed (3,000 matches per second).
  • Face image logs
  • Compatible with NFC enabled devices
  • Supports intercom integration
  • Live face detection with fake face blocking technology


  • No BLE support
  • No Wi-Fi support
  • Heavier and bulkier than FaceLite variant
  • More expensive

Vanderbilt Bluetooth Reader: An identification verification system used in tandem with Bluetooth-enabled Android and iOS smartphones. Highly flexible and secure to offer users a high level of convenience in contactless access control.


  • The virtual credential system works with most Android and iOS smartphones
  • Offers free end-user app
  • High data security via 128-bit AES encryption and randomization
  • Also supports traditional card access system
  • Single license purchase
  • Online and offline authorization


  • Requires users to have BLE-enabled device for virtual credential system
  • Users need to have smartphones on at all times
  • No image support
  • No intercom support

Hotron Clearwave: A non-touch contactless switch that uses microwave technology and security features for cutting-edge door access control. The non-touch feature makes it ideal for areas where hygiene is extremely important.


  • The high detection range of 50 – 400 mm
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to mount
  • Simple and secure door activation
  • Comes with three different faceplates
  • Suitable for hygienic areas


  • Requires hand movement
  • Detection range may not protect against droplets getting onto surfaces (if someone sneezes while at the door, for instance)

Hotron J-Wave: A jamb style, touchless automatic door activation switch that uses infrared technology. Also ideal for facilities where hygiene is of utmost importance.


  • The slim profile makes it compatible with various door jambs
  • Illuminated faceplate suitable for dimly lit environments
  • Lightweight
  • Quick reaction time
  • Suitable for hygienic areas


  • Lower detection range than Clearwave
  • Requires hand movement
  • Detection range may not guard against droplets from sneezing or coughing

The MAGIC SWITCH: This is an intentional contactless microwave sensor for automatic doors. Useful in public access areas for convenient access control and to maintain a hygienic environment.


  • Numerous contactless access control uses
  • Easy installation
  • Discreet design
  • Suitable for hygienic environments
  • Can be used to keep the door open or as a contactless switch to turn light on or off


  • Requires additional silicone seal for waterproof protection
  • The detection range of 10 – 50 cm does not guard against droplets from sneezing and coughing

Our choice

In our opinion, the Suprema Facestation 2 Smart face recognition terminal is the most comprehensive contactless access control solution. With its cutting-edge face recognition algorithm, speedy face matching system, image log capacity, and ability to function in all light conditions, this access control system is also the most versatile.

In addition, the Facestation 2 has a detection range of up to 1.45 meters and height recognition of 2.1 meters. Obviously, you may not need all these features for your particular business set up, so be sure to assess your own business security needs before choosing a system.

If you need help deciding on a suitable contactless access control system for your business, feel free to reach out to the Power Right team for assistance.

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