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Contactless Access Control: Minimizing Potential Risks Today

Aug 27, 2020
Contactless Access Control: Minimizing Potential Risks Today

Preventing the spread of the Coronavirus is still highly important, even as Ireland enters phase 4 of reopening the economy. For businesses, a major concern is managing traffic flow in and out of their establishments in accordance with social distancing and safety measures. In this regard, the use of touchless or contactless access control systems have become a necessity to help minimize the potential risks that come with the COVID-19 pandemic.

What is contactless access control?

This is a form of access control that eliminates the need for people to come in contact with commonly-touched surfaces when entering or moving around in premises, as well as for enhancing business security measures. Traditionally, commercial spaces use a variety of access control solutions that involves people having to touch keypads, press buttons, place their hands on scanners, and even handle telephones and other devices in order to gain or give access.

The spread of COVID-19 is mainly as a result of humans coming into close contact with each other or touching surfaces. As a result, access control methods need to be contactless to minimize the spreading of the disease. Thankfully, getting a hold of suitable touchless access control solutions is not difficult. There are many options available for the various types of businesses operating across Ireland. Read on to discover some of the most popular contactless access control solutions that can help businesses reduce the continued spread of the disease.

Facial Recognition Terminals

When it comes on to touchless access control, facial recognition technology has been around for quite some time. Today, it is commonly used in places that experience a lot of foot traffic and where security is of utmost importance. Facial recognition terminals help businesses screen people entering their premises. They do this by scanning the biometric features of the face and matching it against a database to determine if someone should be allowed entry or not. You can install facial recognition terminals if your company has automatic gates and access doors as barriers. Common applications include:

  • Secure government facilities
  • Research facilities and labs
  • Schools
  • Private residences

There are many types of products in this category of contactless access control systems. However, the Suprema FaceLite and Suprema FaceStation 2 are among the most recommended options due to their range of useful features and reputation for accuracy. They offer fast face matching and fake face blocking, along with high data security and compatibility with popular contactless access solution systems.

Automation & Barriers

Roadway barriers and automated gates and doors have taken on increased significance as a result of the pandemic. Automated barriers are simple but effective contactless access control solutions you can have installed anywhere on your business premises that needs to be restricted. They are suitable for a number of commercial applications, including:

  • car parks
  • shopping centers
  • residential complexes
  • access roadways
  • industrial zones

They work pretty much like the automatic barriers at toll booths, allowing access after a specific action has been completed such as touchless ID verification, payment confirmation, or other automated command. As for automated gates and doors, these are often programmed to open upon sensing someone approaching for entry or exit. These automatic entryways can also be integrated with intercoms, touchless switches, and facial recognition terminals.

The MinMoe touch-free temperature screening terminals

Elevated body temperature is one of the main indicators that someone may be infected with the Coronavirus. For that reason, all businesses are required to have temperature screening solutions in place to detect people who might be ill, whether knowingly or unknowingly. MinMoe touch-free temperature screening terminals are among the most convenient options for businesses where this is concerned. These devices can be installed at entrances to:

  • Supermarkets
  • Cinemas
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • Utility companies, and most other businesses

With the MinMoe option, customers entering a building can easily self-check their body temperatures by standing in front of the terminal. Based on the temperature reading, the customer will either be denied or granted access. Another useful feature of the MinMoe temperature screening terminal is contactless facial recognition. This feature allows employees and authorized visitors to quickly and easily gain access without needing to touch doors or gates. Like the other facial recognition solutions mentioned earlier, they work by matching the unique biometric facial details of an individual against a database.

2 Way Video Intercoms

Intercoms are a quick and easy way for people to communicate with customers and visitors, as well as with internal employees. The additional features of modern two-way video intercoms makes it possible for visual verification where advanced contactless access control is concerned. These are useful in a variety of business that require enhanced security and safety, including:

  • Hospital emergency rooms and operating theatres
  • Unmanned reception areas
  • Private car parks
  • Laboratories
  • Restricted departments and offices

Sophisticated units such as the Hikvision Video Intercom series also come with mobile capabilities for remote operation. These video intercoms can be used to receive calls, broadcast audio messages, for video playback, and unlocking access doors. Hikvision’s two-way video intercoms can also be configured for use with your CCTV and alarm system to enhance security and access control in your business environment.

No Touch Exit & Emergency Button

Moving around in a commercial building can see customers, visitors, and employees going through many doors, elevators, and other portals. This can easily result in people touching door handles, elevator buttons, and other surfaces. In the current world situation where the Coronavirus is rampant, there are a variety of no-touch solutions for access control. These include motion activated switches and sensors that open doors, elevators, and barriers, as well as contactless emergency buttons. With these devices, hand motion is used to activate a sensor, which then opens a door, elevator, or emergency exit, or sets off an alarm. Contactless switches and buttons are recommended for commercial spaces where maintaining a high level of hygiene is important. These include:

  • Hospital storage and testing facilities
  • Pharmaceutical storages
  • Food storage facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels


We think it is the responsibility of every company to do everything in their power to stop the spread of COVID-19, which will aid a faster economic recovery. Whether you run a small business or large enterprise, implementing contactless access control solutions will help you play your part. Temperature screening terminals such as the MinMoe is recommended for most types of businesses and will also allow you to comply with Irish COVID-19 safety measures as set out by the government. If you have any questions about installing contactless access control systems, our professional team at Power Right is ready and willing to assist you.

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