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Home Security Alarm: Top 3 FAQs in Ireland

Jan 08, 2021
Home Security Alarm: Top 3 FAQs in Ireland

Quite a few independent studies show that burglars are more likely to target a house that doesn’t have any cameras, lightning and other visible home security elements or professional alarm monitoring in place than a home that is protected. A home security system is a network of electronic devices and a central control panel to protect against potential house intruders.

Apart from a control panel, a home security system usually includes door and window sensors, interior and exterior motion sensors, wired or wireless cameras, a siren or an alarm. These devices communicate information to a control panel, and, if there is any suspicious action, alerts the nominated keyholders or alarm monitoring service provider.


How Much House Alarm System Cost in Ireland?

According to, there is a considerable variation in prices depending on the layout of your home and the number of devices you choose to install. For example, the new installations range from €570 for the simplest home security system to €1,300 for a more sophisticated.

Upgrading your existing system will cost you from €310 to €575 depending on how recent was the precious system. Look for promotions and special offers. Make sure to get several quotes and as much advice as possible. Lastly, remember that a reliable installer must be PSA registered to install and service such systems in Ireland.  


Will A House Alarm Stop on Its Own?

The alarm sound is quite annoying as it warns you of an emergency or system malfunction, and it is designed to last indefinitely. Nevertheless, many alarms are fitted with a cut-off device to stop the alarm after about 20 minutes. Often an alarm may start making noise after a power outage or because of the low battery.

Usually, you can fix a beeping smoke or alarm detector in a few easy steps:

  • Silence the alarm using the home alarm’s code
  • Read the user manual if you don’t remember the code. It will let you know the steps to take to fix the problem. 

Silencing an alarm doesn’t remove the problem itself. Here are some things to check:

  • Batteries are about to die
  • Loss of AC Power
  • Alarm system wiring is corroded
  • Malfunctioning alarm panel


How to Reset a House Alarm?

Sometimes your house alarms are not working correctly due to blackout, battery failure, wrong code etc. This situation can be easily fixed with a reset.

Depending on the brand of your security system, you may do one of the following set of actions depending on the brand of your system:

  • Press the DISARM button and punch in your user code.
  • Enter your user code and press RESET.

First of all, address your user manual if possible. You can as well try these steps to reset your house alarm:

  1. Disconnect the power plug to the alarm panel from the socket.
  2. Open the control panel using the security code, access key or a screwdriver. 
  3. Remove wires from the system’s main battery.


A home alarm system may turn to be useless if left unwatched. To ensure a high level of protection, you should consider alarm monitoring service. Such systems are constantly and actively monitored by a professional company. Thus, no fire, break-in or other emergencies will be unnoticed. Our Power Right team can advise on best house alarm systems and monitoring services to suit your needs.

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