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Helping You Choose EV Charger Installers in Sligo

Dec 08, 2020
Helping You Choose EV Charger Installers in Sligo

Nowadays there is a shift towards using electric vehicles, the EV sales are increasing each year, and soon the conventional cars won’t be allowed in the market at all. So, more and more homeowners and businesses are thinking of installing affordable EV charging stations either at home or next to their commercial propriety.

However, it is essential to understand what things you should consider when choosing a reliable electric car charger installation company.


How to Choose Home EV Charger Installer in Sligo?

People get their energy back at night, so do EVs. That is because many EV owners charge their vehicles at night right at home. It is possible to use a regular plug to power up your car; however, most owners tend to opt for home chargers as they are much faster. When using a 3-pin plug, your car with a 40kWh battery will be fully charged in more than 11 hours, whereas if you use a 7kW charging point, it will take about only 6 hours to go from empty-to-full.

If you decided to get a faster home charging unit, do not try to install it yourself. Search for a reliable electric car charger installation company to assist you with this process. Here are some steps to follow when choosing the best EV charger installers in Sligo.

Ask Questions

Decent customer service is a must. Avoid companies that are not ready to invest their time into explaining you the whole process and providing you with all the necessary information. Contact a potential contractor and ask them some of these questions:

  • How to choose the right EV charger?
  • Where to install an EV charger?
  • What is the process like?
  • How much does the installation cost?

An experienced and reliable electric car charger installation company will take time to answer all the questions and provide expensive information about the process. Moreover, the consultants are going to ask clarifying questions about your needs and offer you some premium or affordable EV charging station solutions. 

Request a Quote 

You can contact a potential installer and request a quote. Some companies suggest filling out an online survey, some may offer you to have a physical site assessment for a fee. When choosing the best contractor, avoid going for the cheapest option.

Opt for End-to-End Offers

Go for a company that provides a comprehensive service package. Some service providers offer not only pre-installation advice about which charger to buy but as well post-installation guide on how to use the charger and its software. The ideal option is to use a comprehensive service offering both the charger and its installation.


How to Choose Business EV Charging System Installer in Sligo?

In about ten years, more than 30% of vehicle sales will be electric. One of the reasons people avoid buying electric vehicles is the fear of not being able to charge it due to the lack of infrastructure.

EV drivers would prefer to power up their cars wherever they park, for example, at the supermarket, their workplace or gym. This type of charging is called top-up charging. So, any business will benefit from having public or workplace top-up charging points. Install an EV charging station at your business and go ahead of the curve. 

Ease of Communication

Installing an EV charger may not be cheap and easy, but if you choose a professional and reliable electric car charger installation company, you will get all the benefits in the long-run. A decent installer can help you choose the best charger to buy depending on the type of business you own, so make sure to ask these questions:

  • What Kind of Commercial Charging Station Do I Need?
  • What is the difference between fast, rapid and smart charging?
  • Am I qualified for any grant or incentive?
  • How much does it cost?

Good Installers Are Vendors

Look for the companies providing the whole range of services: they sell the product, install it and offer post-installation services and maintenance. A reputable company would also give a 2 or 3-year warranty to their product and installation.  

Search for Expertise

A trustworthy EV charger installation company is ready to give you a copy of your charger’s compliance certificate. Then, if you have any issues with the EV battery, you can use the certificate to prove that it is the vehicle, not the charging point that has a problem so that your manufacturer can take care of the battery.

Always make sure the company has certified electricians and they are ready to provide references and contacts of their previous clients.

Quality of service and technician training are also essential factors when selecting an EV charging installation provider. Go for electricians or companies that have appropriate expertise in the field of EV charger system installation and the regulations connected to it.

No-Obligation Quotation And Site Survey

All reliable electric car installation companies offer an online site survey with the use of pictures and videos. If you opt for a local company, you may arrange an offline site survey to determine your charging needs and any preparatory site work if necessary. Then the company will be able to present an accurate quotation.

Maximize Your Benefits

The best installers would know how to make the most of their EV charging stations and what kind of intensives you can apply. You can expect the consultants to walk you through the process of application and help you out with additional paperwork.


Whether you are considering setting up an EV station at home or commercial property, it is clear that choosing a trustworthy and experienced installer is worth the money and efforts. A right installer will not only ensure safety and regulatory compliance but also help you choose the best premium or affordable EV charging station following your needs.

Decent contractors are ready to provide all the necessary information, references and contact details of previous customers. Moreover, a professional installer will do everything to make sure you maximize your benefits and to cover all your present and future charging needs by providing end-to-end services. 

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