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How to Choose Fire Alarm Installers in Sligo?

Nov 29, 2020
How to Choose Fire Alarm Installers in Sligo?

A fire alarm system has several devices linked together to warn residents, employees, visitors or any other people of possible smoke, carbon monoxide or fire occurrence by using audio or visual signals. Most buildings require a fire alarm to protect people’s lives and property. An affordable fire alarm detector might be the safest and the most trustworthy to inform residents or staff of an emergency caused by a fire. 

Fire alarms, especially in non-domestic premises, have to be designed and installed following the official guidance and legal documents. Fire alarm solutions vary dramatically in complexity and price, and you need to choose one depending on a building type and application.

A single panel with a detector and sounder would be sufficient for a small commercial property, while in a multi-occupancy building it is better to opt for an addressable fire alarm system. It is impossible to understand exactly what you need without the help of a reliable fire alarm installation company.  


How to Choose Home Fire Alarm Installer in Sligo?

If you own propriety and reside in it, there might be some legal requirement on you to supply your dwelling with fire protection equipment. According to parts B6-B11 of the Second Schedule to the Building Regulations (2017), a house should ensure appropriate provisions for the early warning of fire. There must be adequate means of escape to a place of safety outside.

The minimum Irish standard for residential buildings is LD2, which requires smoke or heat detectors to be installed in the dwelling in high-risk rooms and circulation areas. Even an affordable fire detector or such basic tools as fire extinguishers or escape ladders can save lives. 

Making choices and installing detectors and alarms is not an easy task if you are not a professional. So, you have to find a reliable fire alarm system installation company to help you out with these things.

Define Your Needs with A Professional

When choosing the best fire alarm installer company do not be shy to ask questions, for example:

  • How many smoke detectors do I need to install?
  • Where do I need to fit them?
  • What is a better type to use: ionization or photoelectric?
  • How often should I test the system and change the batteries?

Many companies are ready to provide a quote for you based on how big your property is. A decent sales representative will be eager to walk you through the best places to set fire and smoke detectors. They can also provide a written estimate regarding the number of detectors your dwelling needs. 

Consider Getting A Monitored Fire Alarm Service

Usually, a fire alarm system detects a fire, but it may not alert anyone outside the building. If you choose a monitored service, a team of highly trained agents will receive a signal and take the necessary preventative measures immediately. 

Ask For Package Solutions

Many experienced and reliable fire alarm installation companies understand the need to provide full home security against a number of threats. So, you can check if the potential company offers combined home security solutions as a simple package.

For example, fire alarm equipment can connect to a central alarm keypad or integrate into control phone applications. Thus, you will be able to manage your entire home from a single location. 


How to Choose Business Fire Alarm System Installer in Sligo?

To guarantee your business fire protection, you should get an expert to help you navigate the regulations and standards. A reliable fire alarm system installation company is able not only to take care of your fire system installation, but also suggest monitoring, and testing services. 

To find the best commercial fire alarm installer, you may want to start your research by evaluating each potential company based on:

  • Certifications and experience
  • Past performance and references
  • Service offerings
  • Pricing

Certifications And Experience

Check if the technicians who work for your potential contractor hold the necessary qualifications and certifications. It’s also a good idea to confirm that technicians have not less than 5 years of experience installing and servicing fire alarm systems. 

Past Performance And References

The crucial point in choosing the best commercial fire alarm company is evaluating their past performance and references for similar projects. Ask the company to present at least three similar projects and the clients’ contact information. Then check if they were satisfied with the provided installation services. 

Service Offerings

To eliminate the hassle of finding different companies for servicing and monitoring your fire alarm system, try to find the company that not only sells and installs affordable fire alarm detectors but also provides repairs, upgrades, monitoring and maintenance as well. Package deals will also most likely help decrease costs.


Request quotes from several shortlisted candidates and carefully evaluate each one that you receive. Avoid hiring the contractor with the lowest price. Often such companies’ employees lack experience as inexperienced technicians cost less. Thus, they can keep their service pricing low. Nevertheless, a lack of experience could cost you more if there are any fire code violations due to installation mistakes or improper servicing. 


Whether you choose a reliable fire alarm installer company to protect your home or business, you should start with research. Every installer claims to be the best, and choosing a potential contractor at random could be damaging and costly for your dwelling or business. 

When choosing a home fire alarm installer, focus on thorough and friendly customer service. Make sure they are ready to give you as much information as you need and offer fire risk assessment service. Consider contractors who provide monitoring service and package deals. 

When choosing the best commercial fire alarm installer, examine each contractor’s certifications and experience, past performance, offerings, and pricing. Ask for references and contact their customers to know if they are satisfied with the provided service. Then you can decide whether they’re the best commercial fire alarm company for your business.

The certified and highly trained fire alarm team will be able to design, install, test, service, and monitor any premium or affordable fire alarm detectors and other solutions used to protect your customers, employees, premises and assets.

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