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How to Choose Fire Alarm Systems for Business in Galway?

Nov 07, 2020
How to Choose Fire Alarm Systems for Business in Galway?

A priority of any business owner should be protecting its workers and visitors in the event of a fire. Choosing a reliable and affordable fire alarm business solution may seem intimidating. To avoid any risks with poor installation and low quality of the products, we recommend browsing and contacting a trustworthy fire alarm system provider in Galway first. A reliable fire alarm company will help to assess your needs and choose the quality fire alarm system.  

Choosing the best fire alarm system provider in Galway

Start by evaluating every existing provider in Galway based on their past performance, certifications, quality control measures, safety ratings, fire protection service offerings and pricing:


The best fire alarm companies will have certified technicians with at least 5 years of experience. Registered contractors put in the time to achieve the appropriate permits and licenses from authorized government offices.

Past Performance References

One of the main factors in choosing the best Galway fire alarm company is positive references and stability. Ask the company to provide you with similar projects and the client’s contact information.

Service Offerings

Consider choosing the company which provides not only fire alarm installation and servicing, but also repairs and monitoring as you may need a new install or an upgrade in the future. Using the same company for those services is more convenient. 

Service Pricing

Request a fire alarm service quote from the chosen potential contractors and carefully evaluate them. The fire alarm contractors with the lowest service price tend to employ inexperienced technicians. Therefore, they are prone to making mistakes, and this could cost you more due to fire code violations. 


If you own a business in Galway, limit your choices to fire alarm companies nearby. Dealing with distant providers might mean extra costs and longer delivery times. A local supplier may be a better option for any quick decision or an unexpected problem. 


Choosing the best fire alarm solution in Galway

Whether you will choose the fire alarm system by yourself or together with a professional, here are the steps you need to take:

Assess the risks and threats

The first thing to do when choosing the affordable fire alarm business solution is to estimate the possible risks within your premises and decide on how the system should alert people about them.

Please, note that the fire alarm system can only detect alarms and urge people to leave the building. You will probably need some additional fire safety measures, such as smoke detectors, heat sensors and sprinklers.

Consider the layout and the size

The layout and size of your premises when choosing a particular type of fire alarm system. A conventional fire alarm solution suits smaller facility well. It connects the control panel with each device separately. Thus, when activated, the system can pinpoint the zone and determine the location of a possible fire. 

Large buildings with many floors and sections usually require a more sophisticated fire alarm solutions, such as addressable fire alarm system. Such a system gives a unique code to each device so that you can determine the exact location of a potential fire. Such systems can control other functions such as recalling elevators, turning off the equipment, and activating fire suppression.

If your facility is spread out over multiple buildings within the same area, you may require the use of a fire alarm system that communicates with the different zones. Wireless alarm solutions are suitable for facilities which are spread over several buildings. They do not require any hardwiring and allow to control these locations through a central control panel.

Consider your needs

The goal of any fire alarm is to warn the occupants of the potential danger. Depending on the nature of your business, you may consider using a variety of notification appliances, for example, speakers, sirens or flashing lights.

Moreover, it is necessary to make use of such safety components as exit signs, emergency lighting or ventilation systems. When designing your fire alarm system, do not forget to take into consideration people with accessibility needs and mobility, auditory and vision disabilities.


Monitored or self-monitored fire alarm system?

At night or on weekends, when there is no one on your premises, your business may still require protection, especially if there is a great deal of stock (in shops or warehouses). Monitored alarm system in such cases is preferable as it allows notifying designated people or the fire brigade in case the alarm is triggered.

Choose the right fire detectors

The reliability of fire alarms system depends on having the right kind of fire detectors and sensors.     

These are devices that are capable of detecting fire. Most fire detectors fall into 3 main categories depending on the type of sensors they use (although sometimes they are a combination of several types): 

  • Smoke detectors. There are two types: optical and ionization. Optical sensor is applicable for sensing smouldering fires that create a lot of smoke with almost no visible flames, whereas ionization alarms detect the smoke resulting from flaming, fast fires. Both of these detectors are vulnerable to dirt and dust.
  • Flame detectors. Open fire emits heat radiation and flame sensors are designed to detect either infrared (IR) radiation or ultraviolet (UV) radiation.
  • Fire gas detectors. Fires emit a variety of gases such as nitrogen, carbon monoxide, hydrogen chloride, carbon, sulfur dioxides and others. Fire gas sensors detect some of these gases at predefined concentrations. 


Fire alarm systems are proven to save lives. They are one of the most crucial investments your business can make. Commercial premises are also legally required to install a fire alarms and to test them regularly.

When choosing a reliable and affordable fire alarm business solution, don’t forget to evaluate several factors, such as: 

  • fire threats to your business,
  • size and layout of your premises,
  • special requirements,
  • the need for fire alarm monitoring,
  • and the appropriate fire detectors for your type of business. 

Moreover, select a decent commercial fire alarm service provider to help you buy, install, service and maintain your fire alarm system.

When evaluating different contractors, make sure they are registered, experienced, knowledgeable and not cheap. If you are looking for a fire alarm system provider in Galway, you can count on Power Right’s reputation since 1982. 

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