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How to Choose Local CCTV Installer in Sligo?

Nov 21, 2020
How to Choose Local CCTV Installer in Sligo?

Are you thinking about taking your family security or the security of your business to the next level? Even simple and affordable CCTV systems can make a difference and dramatically improve the safety of your property and keep the members of your family or team protected.

Choosing and installing a CCTV camera system by yourself is stressful and risky, as a mistake can lead to losing money, time, and even damaging your propriety. However, there is a low-stress way to get your security camera system up and running: calling a professional and experienced surveillance camera installer.

Our post will explain to you how to choose a reliable CCTV installation company and why it is important to do so.


How to Choose Home CCTV Installer in Sligo?

Before deciding what company is going to help you choose and install a surveillance system for your home, you will have to do your research. 

Tell Them What You Need and Ask Questions

One of the strategies when choosing the most reliable CCTV installation company is to come up with a list of questions concerning your situation and see how the company consultants are going to reply.

For instance, some of the crucial questions regarding this kind of services would be:

  • What kind of CCTV cameras should I install?
  • How to connect my cameras to the VMS (video management system)?
  • What’s the best video management software?
  • What storage is better to use?

A reputable and experienced surveillance camera installer will answer each of your questions extensively and thoroughly, but also in a way you can easily understand. Besides, they will ask you some clarifying questions and request more information on your needs.

Request Information

Being well-informed on your surveillance needs and the possible affordable CCTV system that suits your requirements is not enough. You have to know some specific information about the company you are planning to hire:

  • A reliable CCTV installation company has to be licensed, bonded, and insured
  • They are ready to provide proof of documentation and references if needed
  • The company is ready to provide photos of what the mounting, camera placements, and cabling looked like in their previously performed installations
  • The company has some additional certifications or recognitions
  • It offers a warranty or guarantee

Ask for Additional Services

One of the crucial factors when choosing the best installation company in Sligo is to make sure they provide services for ongoing maintenance. CCTV cameras servicing, maintenance and repair will be essential over time.

You will be much more confident about your home safety, knowing that your surveillance system is maintained in a proper way by the same people who designed and put it in place.


How to Choose Business CCTV Installer in Sligo?

Any business owner is well aware if the fact that to have a decent business security system means to hire a professional to install it. So, you are finally ready to move forward and purchase an affordable CCTV system in order to significantly improve your business security.

However, when browsing websites and searching for an experienced surveillance camera installer, you understand you are not sure what you should be looking for. It can be challenging to find a company that meets your specific needs, provides expert consultations and inspires your confidence.

Here are some things you may consider doing to make sure your final choice is the best:

Good Installers Are Also Vendors

One thing to look for when searching for a potential business security camera installer is whether these companies also sell one or more brands of CCTV cameras. Such installation companies usually have a much better understanding of the pros and cons of their products.

Moreover, they also have more CCTV camera options available for you to test. Some installers mention on their website if they are a vendor, if not you can also confirm it via email or phone. 

Free Security Risk Assessment 

All reliable CCTV companies should offer some form of evaluation and security risk assessment. There is no sense for an experienced surveillance camera installer to make recommendations on how to improve the security of any business if they don’t have an all-embracing understanding of where you may have some problems in your current design.

The security risk assessment may consist of checking the physical space (any unmonitored or unsecured doors or entrances) and network security. 

Flexible Packages

A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work when it comes to choosing a security system for business. Reputable and experienced surveillance camera installers know that, and they are ready to offer you diverse security solutions by suggesting varied combinations of security packages and security cameras.

Maximize Your Benefits

Even though security cameras are meant to provide security, there are many other ways to utilize your business surveillance cameras to benefit your business.

The best CCTV installation company would know how its clients can capitalize on their new camera system, for example, you may use your cameras to monitor traffic in your shop.


Some aspects of choosing a reliable CCTV installation company seem obvious, for instance picking a security cameras installer that has proven to have experience, references and certifications; there are still many details and subtle things to consider.

When searching for a best home CCTV installer in Sligo, look for a company that is eager to provide you with any information or photos of their previous work, answer all your questions, and offer additional services, such as ongoing servicing and maintenance.

If you are choosing a reliable and affordable CCTV system for business, make sure the installation company is also a vendor and can offer a security risk assessment and evaluation. It is better if this company suggests different security camera packages, and is knowledgeable about unconventional applications of CCTV camera systems.

Following our tips will help you find the right CCTV installation company to come up with efficient and lasting solutions maximizing either your home or business security in no time and with a minimum of stress.

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