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How to Choose the Best Burglar Alarm Installer for Business?

May 26, 2021
How to Choose the Best Burglar Alarm Installer for Business?

Deciding to invest in a commercial alarm system and choosing the best installation service may significantly improve your chances to avoid burglaries from happening at your premises. The cost of business burglary is usually much higher than a house burglary. It will also affect the future insurance premiums in the event of a claim.

So, it is necessary to choose a reliable burglar alarm installer to provide you with the best commercial alarm system. However, it is not always easy to find a decent intruder alarm installation service provider. Here are our tips on what to start with:


Registered Premises Or Shop

One of the first things to pay attention to is of the potential business alarm installer has a physical address and shop. If yes, it will be easier for you to discuss your needs and look at products in detail.

If the company doesn’t have a permanent base, there is a risk that they might be not contactable and unreliable. In the worst-case scenario, they may be a rogue trader and go out of business right after the installation is complete. 


Experience In Business Installation

Always choose a quality service provider with experience in commercial alarm installation. We recommend ensuring that your potential supplier and installer is accredited to provide you with the highest quality installation experience. Such companies are more likely to use the finest business alarm products and set them up to the highest standards.

An accredited intruder alarm system will also have the benefit of connecting to a monitoring centre to forward a police response to the alert at your premises if necessary.



Ask for guarantees and warranties that are offered. Always opt for an installer that gives a warranty on their installation and alarms. Most of the respectable intruder alarm installer suggest at least a year warranty on their products. If anything goes wrong, the problems will be fixed as soon as possible. 


EQA And PSA Accreditation

Knowing that you are working with an accredited company will give you the peace of mind that you can receive the best possible standard installation, service and commercial alarm products,

Accreditation usually includes an annual inspection. The company is inspected rigorously for the quality of site surveys and installations.  


Company Reviews

The best companies provide a list of case studies and testimonials. If you have any doubts, you can ask for the contact information of some of their clients. 


Get A Quote

Most service providers can offer a free no-obligation quote. It is a great opportunity to assess the company’s professionalism and customer’s service quality. If you are pleased with the contact, consider having your commercial premises inspected by a security expert. It is the best way to understand the risk of burglar break-ins.

The inspection normally involves checking external entry points (windows, doors, balconies and gates), outdoor lighting and so on. Some security companies offer such site surveys free of charge. They may also give you some professional recommendations concerning security solutions. 

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