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Some Important Tips for your Home Security this September

Sep 07, 2019
Some Important Tips for your Home Security this September

The end of the summer means everyone is heading off to work and back to school. While you’re away at work this September, you should keep in mind that your home is going to be unoccupied for the most part. There is no one on holiday, leaving your home open to break-ins that would leave you in the cold and utterly helpless.

Hence, before you get used to the work-life and leaving your house empty, it’s advisable to review your current security measures and modify them to fit your needs. At Power Right Fire, Energy and Security, we recommend you take the following steps for your home security this September:

  • Test your alarm system and ensure it is in proper working order as soon as you possibly can. If you wait too long to test it and then realise there is some sort of fault, an unfortunate circumstance could occur that you do not want to deal with. After all, the added stress is something you do not need! We can repair faults on most alarm systems such as HKC, Aritech, Astec and more! Give yourself and us some time to fix any problems as soon as you can make the time for it.
  • Ensure that every person with a key to the house has their copy safe. Account for all the keys from time to time to make sure that you will not be caught by surprise. If we Key hold for you, please drop us a call into the office to let us know on 1800 938 881.
  • Try to explore as many popular security options and select something that fits your needs and requirements, while also assessing what is best for your house.
  • Lock your ladders away in a secure garage. Burglars don’t really carry ladders, but they will happily use yours to gain access to upstairs windows. Homeowners often have ladders out in the open cutting the hedges, emptying their gutters etc. By simply storing your ladder in a locked garage or shed, it could save your home against an intrusion. It’s a simple but effective way to ensure home security.
  • CCTV is becoming a very popular security option with costs coming down and technology improving.  This provides the option to log in remotely and monitor security at your home.  Make sure your CCTV system is installed by a PSA licensed installer.
  • Make sure to install fire alarms. While you are away at work, a single short circuit can cause irreparable damage to your house. Fire alarms give you a measure of protection against such an occurrence.
  • Explore house alarms. If you feel like you do not have ample protection for most of the day while you are away, house alarms do offer a guarantee of protection for your house. Make sure to keep the code within the household.

If you have any questions about the above or require a Free Security Health Check at your home, please do not hesitate to contact us at 1800 938 881. We can help you with any measure of protection you might require, from fire alarms and CCTV systems, to fully integrated house alarms. Thank you and have a great September!


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