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Indoor vs. Outdoor Security: Systems Comparison

Feb 09, 2021
Indoor vs. Outdoor Security: Systems Comparison

Taking care of your home and business means constant monitoring and improving the safety of your premises, possessions and resources (including human resources) by implementing modern security systems such as CCTV cameras, intruder alarms, intercoms and so on.

One way to succeed here is to ask for advice from a knowledgeable indoor or outdoor security system provider in Sligo, such as Power Right. But before that, we suggest you go through the main differences between indoor and outdoor security systems mentioned in our post today, so you would have an idea of what to expect.


Indoor CCTV vs. Outdoor CCTV

CCTV cameras can provide an extra level of comfort. There are so many options, that deciding what camera suits your needs best is not that easy. One of the first things to consider is the indoor and outdoor cameras difference.

All cameras usually come with comparable features and in similar styles. The main distinction is the types of external factors each camera has to withstand. Outdoor CCTV cameras have to stand varying light conditions and different types of weather. Moreover, outdoor cameras are likely to be tampered with. Hence, they are usually made of more durable materials. They may be much heavier or even placed in a casing to prevent easy removal.

Indoor CCTV cameras are typically lighter, smaller, and less intrusive than bulkier outdoor surveillance cameras. Both types may feature infrared or night vision mode, ensuring clear pictures in low light environments.

The average cost for the indoor CCTV cameras installation will be cheaper than outdoor CCTV cameras, even though the labour cost might be the same. The outdoor surveillance cameras tend to be more expensive as their larger size and weatherproof features increase the price. When installing outdoor cameras, it is better to use the professional help of an experienced outdoor security system installer in Sligo.

While indoor CCTV cameras will strengthen any business or home, outdoor security cameras are especially beneficial for commercial buildings or premises and houses with a big backyard, garden or driveway.


Indoor Intruder Alarms vs. Outdoor Intruder Alarms

An intruder alarm can secure your commercial or residential property by emitting a sound when it detects an intruder. Such a system usually includes a control panel, motion sensors, door and window sensors and an alarm. As well as CCTV cameras, the motion sensors can be placed indoors and outdoors.

The indoor environment is more stable. So, this type of burglar alarms will produce fewer false alarms compared to outdoor systems. Moreover, many indoor motion sensors are pet-immune, so you can use them safely when having a pet indoors.

Furthermore, in terms of theft and panic prevention, indoor detectors might be less effective as they will go off only when an intruder breaks into the property. Outdoor intruder alarms paired with fence and driveway detectors, on contrary alarm the owners long before the burglars enter into the house. So, an outdoor alarm is more likely to scare away the potential criminal and avoid panic.

However, outdoor alarms have to be IP-certified (usually IP66 or IP65), which means they are water-resistant. They also have to stand extreme weather conditions and be free from sunlight and falling leaves interference.

Thus, advanced outdoor intruder alarm systems might be more expensive than indoor ones, and they also require more professional work when setting them up. It may result in significantly higher overall costs.

Both indoor and outdoor intruder alarm systems are installed in a number of commercial, residential, military and industrial properties for personal protection and the protection against property damage and burglary. Nevertheless, the outdoor system is recommended for premises with spacious outside territory and properties with long driveways.


Indoor Intercom Systems vs. Outdoor Intercom Systems

One of the most useful access control systems is an intercom. It is a 2-way communication device transmitting and receiving audio and/or video. Intercom allows a person to speak with someone who is in a different location or area.

The outside intercoms are placed outside entrances of security gates, buildings: anywhere a person may need to talk with someone inside or at a remote location. Such devices save employees or homeowners from going to the entrance door to let visitors, contractors, suppliers or guests in.

At the same time, some businesses and homeowners actively use indoor intercoms or room-to-room intercoms. Indoor intercoms restrict a particular area of the property such as industrial plant or a business site from unauthorized visitors. They are not always used as access control solutions. They can also ease communication with your staff at work or family members at home as a room-to-room device.

Outdoor intercoms have to be weather and vandal resistant. Usually, they are IP65 or IP66 certified, meaning they can stand dust and water splashes. It allows for long-range communication between the devices over a distance of more than a kilometre. Such systems are in demand for businesses where easy and reliable two-way communication must be available at all times.

Indoor intercoms can be cheaper and easier to install than outdoor systems. Consequently, the overall cost for indoor intercom would be less. Of course, the estimated cost will always depend on your particular needs and scale. We suggest you address a reliable outdoor intercom company when choosing an appropriate type.

Outside intercom systems are used for a wide range of businesses, for example, constructions sites, gyms, office-based businesses, hotels, warehouses and factories. Indoor (or room-to-room) intercoms are popular with people who own larger property and big family or with businesses where you need to make quick decisions or restrict some areas.


Whether you want to protect your home or your business, you might consider implementing different types of security systems, such as CCTV cameras, intruder alarms and intercoms, to gain better results.

One of the fundamental questions is if you need to opt for outdoor or indoor security solutions. Depending on your situation, each of these types may bring some certain advantages. Probably, the best thing to do is to ask a reputable company that sells and installs indoor and outdoor security systems around Sligo.

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