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Physical Security Trends 2021: Access Control

Jun 04, 2021
Physical Security Trends 2021: Access Control

The last year of 2020 was challenging for many due to the COVID-2019 pandemic. We saw a drastic change in the way companies approach security. The security industry was famous for the slow adoption of new technologies. However, we witnessed a touchless access control boom in 2020. The number of wireless intercoms, automatic doors and face recognition solutions increased significantly. 

Thus, it is fair to say that the security industry is capable of adopting fast-tracking innovative solutions. Generally speaking, there is an understanding that our workplaces will not be the same as before March 2020. The way we secure them will change, too. 

Here is a list of predictions of what we expect to see in physical security in 2021.


Remote Management 

Remote management will continue to be a physical security trend this year. New tools and technologies are being developed to make it easier and more efficient. More and more companies choose to allow employees to either follow a flexible work schedule or work from home. So, security management still is an essential part of keeping the workplace healthy, safe, and secure.

Wireless intercoms and automatic door solutions are effective in helping staff to complete their everyday tasks without having to be onsite. For instance, such feature as remote door unlock is useful for letting employees, contractors, and vendors into the building. 


Integrate To Automate 

Automation is the future of security technology. Experts expect this trend to skyrocket in 2021. Utilizing integrations across systems allows businesses to customize their operations to meet their specific needs.

Connecting originally separate building systems, such as access control, parking management, room scheduling, and visitor management makes operations more efficient and creates a better workplace experience. Instead of watching four different systems, you can manage one.


Mobile Instead Of Physical

The future of access control will progressively rely on mobile technology. Automatic door systems, for example, will rather use mobile badges instead of traditional key cards. Another popular solution growing in popularity is a touchless wireless intercom system. It grants access via a mobile app.

Using a mobile app or badge instead of a physical card allows avoiding any kind of investments in another credential. 


Occupancy Tracking and Health Standards Compliance Control

Even though the vaccination gives us a glimpse of a light at the end of the tunnel, organizations will still need to be wary of health standards and crowded office spaces. Occupancy management becomes a top priority for employees heading back into the office. Thus, occupancy tracking and mask-policy-compliance control tools will play a vital role in 2021.

Face recognition terminals will become even more widespread. This tool is not only a contactless and potentially more hygienic way to verify identities in public places, but also it allows monitoring body temperature and health regulations compliance.

Occupancy management tools will provide up-to-the-minute data. If there are too many people at a particular part of the building, the access can be denied to keep the environment safe following recent regulations. 


The Smart Building 

If the pandemic has taught that less is more. The fewer physical actions you have to take to solve the problem, the better off you are. Any piece of work that can be automated boosts productivity and efficiency. 

Deploying IoT technology in a building makes it more accessible and adaptable. IoT systems allow updating everything remotely, as soon as it’s needed. Such IoT-connected building management tools as access control readers installed at every door can automatically receive new software features and adapt the physical security of those buildings to the “new normal” instantly. 


Whatever the future will be, safety is still a major concern for every company. This year more people will depend on internet-based services for their daily tasks. Physical security in 2021 will focus on protecting data, restricting access and integrating all the existing systems to optimize the processes.

We expect to see more advancements to touchless access devices, face recognition terminals, automatic doors and gates to become even more innovative and create a better user experience.

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