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Power Right & Fastcom are partnering to bring you BIG Savings

May 02, 2018
Power Right Ltd. and Fastcom official logos

Power Right Fire & Security and Fastcom have recently partnered to bring their customers an exclusive Connected Savings Offer, for a limited time only. The Connected Savings Offer gives new and existing customers of Fastcom and Power Right Fire & Security up to 20% OFF selected services and packages.

How it works, is you become a new customer of Fastcom after this mail or are an existing customer of Fastcom – expect to receive monthly savings off selected broadband packages.

And for you, our current customers of Power Right Fire & Security if you decide to go with new Services or Products and you are customers of Fastcom - expect to receive some savings.

Why a good broadband connection & a Quality Intruder Alarm & HD CCTV System are Key to Peace of Mind:

Each year there are approximately 28,000 reports of home intrusion or burglaries in Ireland. The good news is that crime and burglaries, in particular, have been steadily decreasing over recent years. One of the main reasons for this decrease can be attributed to the presence of wireless intruder alarm and CCTV systems. Recent advancements in broadband-enabled home security systems have proven to be a significant deterrent to the casual burglar.  

Without having a quality broadband connection, it will be impossible for your wireless security system to be effective. Hence when installing a wireless home alarm and Turbo HD CCTV System, it is essential to acquire an excellent home connection that is both robust and well managed.

Power Right Fire & Security preferred Broadband Provider is Fastcom. Fastcom, established in 2004 is an Irish owned, independent broadband company. Fastcom is vendor neutral and has built a reputation based on service excellence. Competing with only the fastest fibre broadband speeds available nationwide, while also servicing the North West with wireless broadband, it’s easy to see why Fastcom is now Ireland’s most trusted broadband provider.

Like us, Fastcom’s success story is built on providing only the best in service and is ranked top in Ireland’s list of preferred broadband providers.

To read our latest Blog outlining the benefits of having a Smart Security System coupled with a Fast Broadband Connection for your Home or Business just click this link!


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