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Smart Business Security Guide 2020

Jun 25, 2020
Smart Business Security Guide 2020

Businesses, whether large or small, face security risks all the time. Keeping life and property safe means implementing thorough security systems that keep unwanted threats out and provide a fast response if breaches do occur. Thankfully, you can achieve these outcomes by investing in smart business security solutions. Read on to find out more if you are looking to improve security at your place of business.

What is Smart Security?

A smart security system is one comprised of components that utilize the internet and mobile technologies to carry out security functions. These include surveilling, controlling access, and alerting end-users.

In addition, you can use smart security solutions in the following ways:

  • Accessing/checking video footage in real-time
  • Monitoring access to premises and restricted areas
  • Shutting down utilities remotely, including electricity, internet, and water.
  • Remote activation of security devices, including cameras.

Benefits of Using Smart Business Security Devices

Smart security systems make it possible for anyone with security clearance to monitor actions and make decisions remotely. In other words, you don’t necessarily need to outsource your security monitoring to a third-party company or be on-site all the time. Other benefits include:


Many smart security components are lower in cost than traditional setups. This applies to acquiring the devices, as well as to install, monitor and maintain them. A smart alarm, for instance, can be easily installed using basic tools. Even if you hire someone to do the setup and installation, the cost will be minimal because of the simplicity. In terms of monitoring, the device can be controlled using a mobile app, so you don’t need to hire out to a security company. By keeping it in-house, you are able to save money, as well as have more control over how security measures are deployed.

Accessible from anywhere

With many smart security systems being paired with mobile apps, you can pretty much monitor your business security from anywhere in the world. You can tap into the live feed, activate or deactivate features, analyze footage, schedule shutdown or startup, or even send alerts. And the range in some cases is worldwide, so you can be anywhere in the world and have your finger on the security of your business. All you need is access to a smart device or laptop and internet access. This is convenient for business owners and security managers who need to be on the go all the time.

Remote response

In the vent that an alarm is triggered, it is possible to quickly respond, depending on how your smart security system is set up. A smart alarm or CCTV surveillance system may send you an alert, for instance, allowing you to view what is happening and respond accordingly. This can help with stopping an incident in its track before there is significant loss or damage. It can also aid in the identification and capture of criminals, without the need for physical confrontation by employees, which can be dangerous.


One of the cool perks of a smart business security system is the possibility for all devices to communicate, otherwise called the Internet of Things (IoT). Depending on how your computer network is configured, you can allow your access control system, for example, to send and receive messages between other security components, including biometric scanners and burglar alarms.

Now that you know the main benefits of implementing smart business security solutions, the next question is where do you start? It all depends on what the critical needs of your business are. If you have a traditional security system in place and you want to upgrade to a smart setup, things can get a bit confusing, especially with so many choices on the market.

So, what kind of smart business security solutions should you get? Some of the most common components you will most likely need are listed below.

Smart Intruder Alarm Solutions

This type of security device is quite similar to your conventional intruder alarm. The main difference is that you can remotely control what happens if an alarm goes off. In addition, many burglar systems now integrate CCTV monitoring, so you can see what’s happening in relation to an alarm. Choosing the right smart intruder alarm means careful consideration to determine what’s best for your business. Will you need a wired or wireless system? Will you incorporate CCTV surveillance? Will the alarm be set to automatically trigger a facility shutdown? These are just a few questions you will need to think about.

Smart CCTV Systems

Smart CCTV surveillance cameras come with a wide range of security capabilities suitable for the modern security landscape. These include facial recognition, object counting and removing live streaming, and cropping out targets. In addition, these camera systems are available in varying resolutions, with some recording in 4K, and have features such as infrared and night vision to increase visibility at night. As mentioned earlier, the benefits of a CCTV business security solution are such that you can view live feed and recorded footage from anywhere. Your CCTV cameras can also be set up to communicate with other systems for access control.

Smart Sensors

Instead of setting up alarms, some areas of certain businesses are better served with smart sensors that can detect motion, temperature changes, or even air movement. For example, if you operate a storage unit that needs to be at a certain temperature, a smart sensor can send a mobile alert if there is change, allowing you to take the appropriate actions.

Smart Access Control Solutions

Access control is important for keeping out unauthorized people. But it is now even more necessary to detect visitors that have high temperatures, which can be an indication of a highly contagious disease. With smart access control systems, devices such as thermographic cameras and fever screening CCTV cameras make it possible to assess employees and customers quickly and conveniently. Moreover, there are now contactless access control devices such as video intercoms, facial scanners, and touchless switches. Many of these devices are able to be controlled using computer applications and mobile apps as well.

Even with convenient capabilities, there may be hesitation on the part of business owners to break away from traditional security systems. But there are distinct advantages of smart security devices for business owners. If you need help with assessing, sourcing or installing the best smart business security solutions, Power Right is an experienced company that can point you in the right direction.

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