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Some Important Tips for your Home Security this Summer

Jun 26, 2018

It is that time of year when people across the country are heading off on their holliers and the mood is good.  And thankfully for once, we are having a proper Summer! So, whether you're heading off on a long break overseas to Portugal or a weekend away in Dingle, it is crucial that you review your home security in advance of going away.  At Power Right Fire and Security, we recommend you consider the following: 

  1. Test your alarm system and ensure it is in proper working order at least 2 weeks before you go away. Many people wait until the day before they leave to test it and then realise there is some sort of fault so there is often a big scramble to get it fixed before they leave. Stress you do not need! We can repair faults on most alarm systems such as HKC, Aritech, Astec and more! Give yourself and us some time to fix any problems before going out of town.
  2. Ensure your key holders know of your plans to be away from home and that they will be able to respond, should it become necessary.  If we Key hold for you, please drop us a call into the office to let us know on 071 91 45107.
  3. Notify a neighbour you trust that you will be away so that they are more likely to be aware of unusual activity near your property. 
  4. Lock your ladders away in a secure Garage. Burglars don't really carry ladders, but they'll happily use yours to gain access to upstairs windows. Homeowners often have ladders out in the summer when they're cutting the hedges, emptying their gutters etc. By simply storing your ladder in a locked garage or shed, it could save your home against an intrusion.
  5. CCTV is becoming a very popular security option with costs coming down and technology improving.  This provides the option to log in remotely and monitor security at your home.  Make sure your CCTV system is installed by a PSA licensed installer. 
  6. Finally, try to avoid communicating your travel plans on social media.  You never know who may have access to that information. 

If you have any questions about the above or require a Free Security Health Check at your home, please do not hesitate to contact us at 071 91 45107. Thank you and have a good Summer!


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