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The importance of Gate Safety and Maintenance

Jul 09, 2019
The importance of Gate Safety and Maintenance

Gate security is a major cause of concern for anyone. After all, the gate is a major part of home security and keeps out unwanted people. This makes it essential to take care of the gate safety and maintain it. If your gate goes out of shape, it’s not going to perform the functions it has been installed for, which is going to raise concerns when it comes to home security.

Issues with Gate Safety

Gate Automation has been a huge topic of concern in Ireland over the last few years. According to studies, gate safety regulations have not been met in around 80% of all gates. This has resulted in numerous accidents, and even fatalities, from something so simple.

An unmaintained gate or one that doesn't meet the safety standards desired by the HSA can result in fines when inspected and, more seriously, accidents could occur on your premises. Gates, in general, are heavy, with a commercial gate easily weighing around 200kg.

Due to this, the motor attached to the gate is programmed to keep moving and rotating no matter what comes in front of it. Without the proper safety equipment and the wrong approach, the gate will crush anything in its path when it closes.

For all property owners, it is advised to be especially careful about the safety equipment and measures in store for your gate’s protection. Gate automation is quite helpful, but the fact that it’s not smart enough to recognize objects makes it a problem for home security.

Along with the obvious safety issues, there is also the issue of the motor becoming damaged or overused. Similarly, issues such as a vehicle pushing the gate off its tracks and other accidents would require an automation service engineer to repair the damage caused to your gate. Hence, having your gate and all related equipment regularly checked and maintaining it is essential.

How Power Right Can Help with Gate Safety

At Power Right, we always advise clients to first create a gate maintenance contract. Not only does it absolve them of liability if something were to happen due to a fault in the gate, but it also allows the customer to focus on other aspects of their lives rather than gate security.

The team at Power Right offers customers detailed reports on services, industry-leading response times, and supreme quality of service while our engineers are on site.

Gate maintenance is a serious issue for home security and for the safety of both objects and people. Whether you go for gate automation or a normal gate, maintaining it is essential and requires attention. To get the best home security and gate safety services in Ireland, contact our team to get a maintenance contract quote. Power Right offers you a team that will work within your budget and requirements to ensure that you do not have to worry about gate safety and can focus on other areas of your business.



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