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Top 5 Reasons to Do a Business in Leitrim

Feb 29, 2020
Top 5 Reasons to Do a Business in Leitrim

County Leitrim represents only about 2.26% of Ireland’s land mass. Yet, what the area lacks in size, it surely makes up for it as one of the country’s thriving business hubs. If you’re looking to do business in Ireland – maybe you want to expand your current enterprise or searching for companies to invest in – you may want to place Leitrim on your list of options. Power Right offers businesses a wide range of fire, energy, and security solutions, including installation and maintenance of intruder & fire alarms, CCTV, access control & emergency lighting systems.

Five reasons why it’s a good idea to do business in Leitrim:

1. Location

As a small county in the northwest of the Republic of Ireland, Leitrim has a character that blends rural settings and commercial activity, with an emphasis on a wholesome environment. Its proximity to nearby urban centres such as Sligo provides various advantages when compared to other places in the country. For example, there is access to an airport, as well as rail service that links directly to the capital Dublin. In fact, Leitrim is only two hours away from Dublin and Belfast.


2. Infrastructure

County Leitrim is well-connected, with road access to the north and south, and rail access that includes eight services from Carrick on Shannon to Dublin and vice versa. There is also airport access, as mentioned earlier, giving easy access to the UK and the rest of Europe. Internet access, including high-speed broadband services, are also well established, as well as water and wastewater services to support industrial needs. When it comes on to power, all main towns in Leitrim are adequately supplied and there are a number of power companies. Power Right Services has been serving local firms in Leitrim for over 35 years and is a go-to company for anyone wanting to sort out their power needs when establishing a business.


3. Skilled Workforce

Leitrim enjoys a high level of education among its residents, with over 40% having achieved third-level or above education. This contributes to a skilled labour force, which is more than enough to meet the needs of businesses in Leitrim. In fact, the high number of skilled human resources in the county has seen many having to seek employment outside of Leitrim and others starting their own businesses.


4. Government Support

Being near North Ireland also has perks for Leitrim; people doing business here can get support from unique programmes set up for cross-border partnerships. Various government agencies offer assistance to help new and existing businesses thrive in Leitrim. The Local Enterprise Office (LEO), for instance, offers financial support for starting and expanding businesses. There is also the Leitrim County Council, which helps businesses gain access to various essential services; IDA Ireland, which focuses on overseas investment; and Role Skillnet, which is geared towards skills training and development. Government support also extends to the level of laws, regulations and standards that are put in place to maintain safety and order in Leitrim. Someone setting up a new business, for example, must meet a number of safety requirements, including installation of fire alarms and emergency lighting, before being granted a license to operate. Following these laws and regulations is not difficult with companies like Power Right on call.


5. Quality of Life

There is a high quality of life for people living in Leitrim. For starters, there is an emphasis on green spaces and maintaining a clean environment. There are plenty of recreational spots, which has helped develop Leitrim’s reputation as a budding tourist destination in recent times.

Leitrim is certainly a thriving area for anyone seeking development opportunities. With Power Right being among companies that help smooth the process of getting started, doing business in Leitrim might be a smart idea.

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