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Top 7 Most Common Fire Causes and Prevention Solutions

Jun 27, 2019
Top 7 Most Common Fire Causes and Prevention Solutions

Fires and blasts aren't really the most widely recognized sorts of working environment accidents here in Ireland, but when they do happen, they can be extremely hazardous – even fatal. Regardless of whether employees get away with the mischief or damage, the outcomes of flames can be incredibly costly for organizations – not as a result of the harm to property and stock, but also possibly as far as a lawsuit if the business was deduced to be cause for blame.

Most Common Causes of Fire

  1. Heating

Pots and pans can overheat and cause a flame to erupt effectively if the person cooking diverts their attention and leaves cooking unattended. Continuously remain in the room, or request that somebody watch your food when cooking at high temperatures if you can’t do so yourself.

  1. Smoking in Bedrooms

Rooms have to be one place where you should not smoke. A cigarette that isn't put out appropriately can cause a fire, as the little flame may sustain for a couple of hours. It could easily blast into blazes in the event that it came into contact with flammable materials, for example, furniture. Smoking is the source of many houses fires which result in many deaths each year.

  1. Electrical Equipment

At businesses and houses, electrical equipment such as toaster can begin a flame if it happens to be broken or has a frayed string. A power point that is overburdened with twofold connector plugs can cause a flame from a surge of high power.

  1. Flammable Material

Flammable material can exhibit a significant danger of flame. Vapours developed are generally heavier than air and can travel long distances, so are bound to achieve a spark of some sort. Flammable liquids like petrol or spirits at garage or workplaces, filling stations and factories have to be kept away from heat.

  1. Old Wiring

Old buildings like apartments, offices, factories, distribution centres, and workplaces have the hazard of fire due to old wiring. The old wiring has not the capacity to handle the load of lots of appliances that causes a short circuit which results in flame.

  1. Arson

Arson is an unmistakable reason for working environment fires. Shockingly, industrial regions are of specific focus for vandals and arson as they can be left unattended for major periods of time. Arson assaults can be decreased with the utilization of intelligent video fire detection frameworks.

  1. Human Error

Human error is one of the most common causes of fire mostly at workplaces. It may have resulted due to improper usage of electric devices or because of untrained staff.

Ensuring the correct safety measures are in place is the best way of ensuring a decrease in the possible harm caused by human error. By ensuring you have defensive arrangements set up, you can limit the dangers.

Prevention Solutions:


  • Remain in the kitchen when cooking, particularly if utilizing oil and high temperatures. In the event that you should leave the room, turn off the stove.
  • Keep whatever can burst into flames away from warmth sources – for example, stove gloves, dish towels, paper towels.
  • Install a fire alarm at home.
  • Keep a working fire quencher in your kitchen.


  • Don’t smoke in bedrooms.
  • Place no-smoking signs at workplaces and filling stations.
  • Keep smoking areas away from combustible materials.

Electrical Equipment

  • To reduce the risk of fire always use good electrical appliances.
  • Plug major appliances in switchboard instead of using extension leads.
  • Use an electric safety alarm at your residence and businesses.

Flammable Material

  • Keep flammable materials away from heat and reactive material.
  • In factories or workrooms keep the quantity of flammable material minimum.
  • Install the fire alarm system at the workplace.


  • Install the security alarm at factories, residents, schools, and offices to prevent from an arson attack.
  • Locked all your internal and external doors.
  • Place fire alarms at homes.
  • Install CCTV cameras and have everything monitored properly.

Fire Alarm Maintenance

It is required by law that all businesses must hold maintenance contracts. We can provide you with a competitive quote to service any sized fire alarm to industry standards. We carry out the maintenance, inspection, installation and testing of fire alarms and issue a report and certification on each service ensuring your company is conforming to regulations.

Fire alarm systems with 20 or more devices should be serviced quarterly (every 3 months) or for single zone systems with less than 20 devices half yearly (every 6 months) and certified by a competent person/company. Also, a record/fire register must always be kept on site.

We carry out fire alarm maintenance to be fully compliant with IS 3218: 2013. Please call us today on 1800 938 881 to enquire today.

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