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9 Benefits of Servicing and Maintenance to Business Security Systems

May 10, 2020
9 Benefits of Servicing and Maintenance to Business Security Systems

Failing to maintain your business security system on a consistent basis can prove costly. If there is a security breach, the possible damage to property or losses incurred can be devastating. Even minor issues can cause entire systems to fail.

Some of the most critical business security solutions that require routine service visits include:

  • Commercial access control systems
  • CCTV systems
  • Thermal CCTV setups
  • Automatic gates
  • Intruder alarm systems

In addition to preventing loss of property, there are a number of other benefits associated with proper maintenance of security systems.

1. Increased longevity

Electronic and mechanical security devices need periodic servicing to ensure they don’t wear out before time. A lack of proper maintenance in CCTV cameras, for instance, means dust, dirt, grease and other contaminants can build up significantly and cause them to show blurry images or stop working in a shorter time than they are expected to last. This brings us to the next benefit.

2. Save money on security devices

Access control and other business security systems often cost a lot of money to purchase and install. The longer you can keep your current system operating in good condition, the longer it will last, thus saving you from having to buy and install new ones. Maintenance also costs money, but it is far cheaper than having to fork out huge sums of cash for new security monitoring components.

3. Keeps employees safe

Employee safety is important for your business to run smoothly. If employees become aware of a malfunctioning intruder alarm system due to poor maintenance practices, they will not feel secure. Feeling vulnerable may also negatively impact their ability to perform optimally, which can also affect business performance.

4. Provides peace of mind

When a security system breaks down, it can cause headaches for any business owner. You will likely be worried about the potential repairs or replacement cost. In addition, you may also fret about the possibility of a break-in or other security breach that could occur.

5. Keeping in compliance with health and safety standards

Failing a security audit due to poor intruder alarm servicing, for example, could damage the reputation of your business or even cause a shutdown. Regular maintenance allows you to keep your commercial security system up to date and correct any issue that could lead to a breach of safety standards.

6. Be on the right side of insurance claims

An incident resulting in damage to property may warrant an insurance claim. Insurance providers tend to investigate incidents, including watching CCTV footage and checking security records, before paying out. If it is found out that a security breach occurred due to a lack of system maintenance, the insurer may decline to honour any claims made.

7. Prevent false alarms

False alarms can be costly and irritating. Yet, many false alarms occur due to a lack of intruder alarm servicing and maintenance. Routine service visits can help to eliminate or reduce the occurrence of false alarms.

8. Allows for a smoother process when upgrading

At some point, your security system, or at least some of its components, will need to be replaced or upgraded. Well-maintained systems can still function while the upgrades or replacements are being put in place.

9. Reduces downtime

System failures cost businesses in terms of productive hours. For example, a malfunctioning door automation system can result in workers being locked out or render an area of a building inaccessible or unsafe. Employees will have to wait on access control system repairs and service before resuming work.

Paying attention to maintenance is essential to prevent security problems from arising. For help with business security system maintenance and servicing, you can feel free to contact Power Right, a company with decades of experience in the field.

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