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Touchless Access Control: Easy, Quick, Safe

Oct 31, 2020
Touchless Access Control: Easy, Quick, Safe

The term “access control” is used in the fields of information and physical security to denote the selective restriction of access to a place or any other resource. The act of accessing here may mean entering, using, or consuming. 

What is it?

Touchless access control, as the name suggests, is a system that can grant or deny access without any physical contact. 

Contactless Access Control means identifying visitors without the need to touch any surfaces, for example, fingerprint readers, keypads, turnstiles, or doors.

Touchless vs Regular Access Control

Implementing contactless access control provides several benefits. One of them is increasing workplace security and safety, thus guaranteeing your employees and visitors have peace of mind.

Keycards, fobs and physical cards can be easily stolen, cloned or lost. Moreover, they are unhygienic, which is a serious off-putting factor now at the times of COVID-19 pandemic.

Another benefit of installing contactless access control systems is that you can operate everything remotely as they are could-based. It provides another level of convenience for your clients and employees as your admins can revoke or grant access, edit permission levels, or change user schedules anytime from any location.

Conventional access control solutions are proved to be less effective and safe. Key cards, for instance, are considered to be the second most forgotten item and they are usually not encrypted.

Alternatively, such a contactless solution as mobile access control suggests more security. Moreover, touchless access control solutions may suggest just simply more convenient way of moving around, for example, in such places as post offices or hospitals, where sometimes visitors or staff has to carry heavy packages or carts.

Installing automatic doors and infrared sensors means ensures employees and customers can move without having to touch any surface.

What contactless access solutions are there?

Preventing the spread of the COVID-19 is still the priority, so a major concern of every business is managing traffic flow and people following social distancing and safety measures. Thus, frictionless access control systems became a necessity to minimize the risks that come with the pandemic.

To keep up with the latest innovations it is necessary to Invest in motion detection devices, proximity key card readers, touchless door sensors, contactless switches, thermal CCTV cameras, facial (or iris) recognition systems, Bluetooth readers etc. Here is how some of these solutions can benefit the most common types of businesses and institutions. 

Automatic Door Systems & Barriers

Automated barriers are efficient contactless access control solutions. They allow quick authorized access after a touchless ID verification, payment confirmation, or other command is completed.

This solution is suitable for car parks, industrial zones, residential centres and shopping malls. 

Automated doors system may be programmed to grant access to the approaching person by using motion detector devices, such as The Hotron J-Wave (touchless automatic door activation switch), Hotron Clearwave, Hotron Clearwave Non-touch or The Magic Switch (hand motion sensor).

Automated doors are the best contactless solutions for nursing homes, as all kind of doors, including fire safety doors, may become barriers to elderly or disabled people as they often aren’t strong enough to open them.

In such places as hospitals and post offices, this solution will as well come handy as it is much more convenient to move around with heavy objects (such as boxes, packages) or while pushing a gurney or a wheelchair. Moreover, automatic gates can be integrated with facial recognition terminals and intercoms.

Face Recognition systems

The use of face recognition technology in access control is an inevitable trend. It has become highly accurate when identifying individuals. This solution is great for places with a lot of foot traffic.

Facial recognition terminals grant access by scanning the biometric features of the face. There are quite a few such solutions available, for example, Suprema FaceLite, Suprema FaceStation 2 and MinMoe by Hikvision. The latest also allows temperature screening, which is a very useful feature. 

This contactless solution can be used in hospitals, supermarkets, labs and research facilities, where it is not only necessary to ensure fast access to the premises, but also it is crucial to track potentially contagious people.

Contactless/proximity smartcards 

Businesses all over the world had to rethink the way they handle access control and accept payments. Proximity cards became even more popular with the new hygiene standards.

Such technology is suitable for a range of businesses, especially for supermarkets, grocery stores and banks. The customer doesn’t have to touch the card reader, but only to hold the card (or the wallet with a card) near it.

Bluetooth Readers

Bluetooth reader, for example, Vanderbilt’s Bluetooth Reader, is another type of touchless entry system that requires users to have personal profiles with a particular Bluetooth app on their phones.

The app is available on both Android and iOS devices. Users are granted access when approaching doors monitored by the Bluetooth Reader. 

This technology allows complete frictionless access where a user’s smart device acts as a physical credential which is very convenient in hospitals and nursing homes.

Hospital or nursing staff can keep their phone in their pocket, wave their hand, and the door opens. In care facilities, it is especially useful as frictionless solutions can speed up efficiency. 

Touchless Kiosks

First of all, this solution can help grocery shops, supermarkets and restaurants with a self-service option. A state-of-the-art contactless solution allows customers to avoid touching a physical self-service kiosk at the shop. Instead, they can put in all the necessary data via their mobile device. 

Two Way Intercoms

In the light of pandemic current video intercom systems make sure there is no contact with surfaces. Such solutions as Hikvision line of video intercoms, allow seeing who is requesting access to the premises. The user can communicate using audio, open doors remotely via a mobile device.

Moreover, such contactless solutions are frequently used in the locations with the installed security glazing, such as hospitals, post offices and banks.


Touchless identification is the future of access control because it grants easy, quick and safe entrance to a wide range of premises. Even though this technology is not new, its importance has accelerated due to the combat with COVID pandemic.

There are multiple contactless solutions available these days for businesses, home users, hospitals, post office, banks and supermarkets.

Most popular and efficient solutions are face recognition systems, intercoms, contactless smart cards, automated doors and barriers powered by Bluetooth readers and motion detectors.

Do not hesitate to ask Power Right professionals who can recommend the best solutions to suit your needs.

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