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What Hikvision Security Solutions Are Available Today?

Dec 29, 2020
What Hikvision Security Solutions Are Available Today?

Every business and homeowner aim at maximizing the security of their premises and assets, including human recourses. Today there are multiple security solutions available to satisfy each client’s needs, from affordable security cameras to state-of-the-art CCTV systems in Sligo and other Irish cities.

One of the world leaders of the industry is Hikvision. The company manufactures innovative video surveillance, alarm, thermal and access control products, including standalone and hybrid DVRs, NVRs, high-definition IP cameras, face recognition terminals, card terminals, and thermal cameras.

Power Right is an experienced CCTV installer and proud to collaborate with Hikvision when providing security solutions for our customers. It allows us to offer affordable security cameras and other equipment of the best quality available in the market. Here are the most advanced technological tools designed to guarantee your business and home safety.


The ‘New Normal’ Security Solutions

We all are looking forward to a better and more fruitful future after COVID-19 pandemic, although our world might not be as it was before it. Thus, the only way to make it work is to adjust your business to the ‘new normal’.

The consequences will affect all normal activities from using public transport to getting a cup of coffee to go on your way to work. There are some technologies offered by Hikvision to help you out: 

Temperature Screening

There are multiple products available from affordable security cameras with temperature detection mode to touchless temperature-screening access control terminals. 

  • Fixed Bullet/Turret Camera can detect a person with an elevated temperature in just one second and is perfect for lobbies and entrances. 
  • Handheld Wireless Portable Camera is appropriate for mobile use when fast movement between venues is required. 
  • MinMoe Touch Free Access Control Terminal detects the temperature and grants access if it is within the recommended limit.
  • Entrance Metal and Temperature Detector Door is great for main entrances where it is necessary to test visitors or employees for both skin surface temperature and metal detection. 

Mask Detection

This brand new solution detects if a visitor or an employee entering your building is wearing a mask. Most of the time this solution comes up with temperature screening.

  • AcuSense Camera is suitable for small premises. It features voice prompt to put on a mask.
  • Conventional Camera can also be used if you already have one set up. You just need an experienced CCTV installer to help you update your NRV to innovative Hikvision DeepinMind series NRV with embedded deep-learning algorithms. 

Density Control

For most businesses, it is imperative to limit the number of people inside or in some parts of their premises. To comply with social distancing recommendations and avoid overcrowding you may consider using one of the people counting cameras (Dual Lens Camera, 7 Series DeepinView Camera OR Acusense Camera) and modern DeepinMind or I series NRV from Hikvision.


Building and Retail Security Solutions

Even though commercial complexes, malls, supermarkets, office buildings and apartments serve different purposes, their security requirements are very much alike. Depending on your unique needs, the security system or combination of its devices can be customized. 

Video Intercom System

This system enables communication and entry control in commercial or residential buildings. Video intercom products allow convenient two-way audio/video verification and integrate with alarm and video surveillance systems.

  • There are 2-wired, 4-wired and IP intercom solutions. The latest option provides better picture quality and allows remote control from your mobile device.

Alarm System

Such systems can focus on specific needs, such as water leak detection or smoke detection and windows. Thus, an alarm system can be much more than just an intruder alarm; it can also help you prevent a wide variety of emergencies.

  • Security Radar can accurately detect the motion trail and locate up to 32 potential intruders. It is ideal for managing large spaces such as warehouses, factories and airports. The perimeter environment in such places is too complex for only using video cameras. Moreover, it is reliable in all weather conditions.

Video Surveillance

Hikvision brand is well-known for its exceptional CCTV systems in Sligo and everywhere in the world. Their complex security solutions are designed for every specific security need. 

  • Turbo HD X System is an active unified system that includes a centralized management platform and front and back-end devices. It features a camera with built-in flashing light and siren, a powerful DVR, and a mobile app that lets you monitor your video feed from anywhere.
  • Turbo HD PTZ Cameras allow controlling and monitoring large open areas with the ability to focus and zoom in for details. Turbo HD PTZs can make high-quality footage even in badly lit environments. 
  • DeepinView Solutions are more efficient and powerful with deep learning technology inside. Such cameras can detect more faces from much wider angles; they accurately distinguish people and vehicles from other objects and recognize car number plates at almost 99% accuracy. 
  • PanoVu Series cameras are ideal if you need to monitor such large areas as airport, public plazas, open areas and intersections. This kind of cameras can make not only panoramic images but also close-up images. 

Network Video Recorders

A camera might not be the most important part of a decent video surveillance system. Modern Network Video Recorders have powerful capabilities. They support up to 32 MP resolution and ensure reliable and stable video recording. Deep Learning NVRs are even more powerful and intelligent.


Hikvision offers a wide range of comprehensive security products and solutions for different industries, purposes, situations and vertical markets. In 2020 the most popular and developing branch is ‘new normal’ including thermal monitoring, face detection and density control solutions.

Nevertheless, conventional solutions for residential and business premises, such as video surveillance and alarm systems continue to advance, allowing more integration options and featuring more complex devices.

If you are searching for an experienced CCTV installer to know more about Hikvision CCTV systems in Sligo or nearby, Power Right is a one-stop-shop for you. We design security solutions for your specific needs. Moreover, our team members have had professional training from Hikvision, so we know how to protect what is important to you.

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