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What Type of Fire Alarm to Install?

Jan 09, 2020
What Type of Fire Alarm to Install?

Fire causes business damages every calendar year. Isn’t it so sad that these mishaps could have been prevented by a fire alarm system? Some fire incidents remain long in the courts as insurance and businesses fight dirty to share the spoils. Fire alarm and smoke detectors are necessities and should be part of every house or commercial premises. 

There are legislations in place that enforces the prevention of fire in commercial and residential apartments within the country. All this lay credence to the fact that fire alarm systems are no joke. Since there are two broad end-users of smoke detector and fire alarm systems, it is only fitting that the discussion should be centered as such: 

Domestic users 

There are several fire alarms design tailored exclusively for domestic users or small businesses such as shops and bars. These fire alarm systems are less expensive to purchase or design when compared to their commercial counterparts. The fire alarm design is done in such a way that the building is divided into a number of fire detection zones. These fire alarm systems are conventional and built in such a way that human input is needed. 

Today, with increased connectivity, there is a fire alarm designed in such a way that they can alert your smartphone in the event of a fire outbreak. The reality of connected homes has not left fire alarm systems unimpacted. Features like voice command are also included in some fire alarm systems available on the market. 

Fire alarms have evolved and you can pick from the numerous brands on the market or have one custom-designed for you by the team at Power Right. 

Commercial users

Business fires are synonymous to losses, it is best to avoid them and this is why smoke detectors and fire alarms are important in commercial centres. Most commercial fire alarm systems are built using the addressable design model. This allows for the specific area where the fire is coming from to be located and addressed. This means that the fire alarm is more flexible and usable. This, however, means that it is more expensive to purchase and its components are much more complex. 

Another design option is to opt for aspirating smoke detectors. These smoke detectors are extremely sensitive and can detect even the smallest fires. It is also expensive to install and maintain but you will definitely get bang for your buck. Aspirating smoke detectors can also help you prevent fire outbreaks.  

There are several fire alarms and smoke detectors pre-fitted for commercial use on the market. However, you might intend to have your commercial or residential fire alarm system wired or designed in a different way in order to enhance its efficiency. At Power right, we have professionals that can help you in making your goals become a reality. 

With all the different fire alarms and smoke detectors available, it now rests on you as to which brand you will be going for. Whatever your choice, at Power Right, we have got you covered.

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