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What Type of Home CCTV To Install?

Dec 28, 2020
What Type of Home CCTV To Install?

One of the ways to increase your home security is by installing a domestic CCTV system. We got used to the fact that most commercial buildings and businesses use video surveillance solutions to ensure safety of their premises whereas home security camera market is yet expected to grow by over 15% by 2027. 

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) is a system of recording devices connected to private monitors for the sake of storage and immediate viewing. Domestic CCTV system is an effective tool for deterring potential intruders or identifying criminals through the camera footage. Modern surveillance solutions allow the owners to monitor the footage via their phones anytime from anywhere if they have internet coverage.

So, a traditional home CCTV system consists of:

  • one or more analog or digital security cameras
  • a standard video recorder for analog solutions (DVR) or network recorder (NVR) for digital solutions
  • cables
  • monitors

They usually distinguish two main types of CCTV systems: analog and network. Depending on your security needs and budget, you can find one of them more appropriate.


Analog and Network CCTV 

Analog CCTV is cheaper but requires wiring. It doesn’t facilitate data encryption and usually provides lower resolution.

One of the most affordable domestic CCTV solutions is the electriQ 2 Camera system, which will cost you only about 120 euros. It comes with a 1TB hard drive (which ensures 28 days of CCTV footage), 2 cameras, and 4 channel DVR.

Two bullet cameras are perfect for monitoring your back and front doors, and the infrared night vision allows you to see up to 25m in low light. You can monitor your home remotely using an app, and it can send you alerts in case some movement is detected.

For a bit more money, you can get a more sophisticated CCTV kit from Hikvision: 1 Dome Camera featuring 35-40 Metre NightVision with 1TB HD Recorder will cost you less than 300 euro. You can add more cameras later.


Network CCTV is highly portable, provides higher resolution, automation of surveillance, and easy remote monitoring, although it can be more expensive compared to analog solutions. 

For example, one of the premium systems Arlo Pro3 Smart Home Security CCTV Camera System features a weatherproof design, 2-way audio, 160° degree view, rechargeable battery, built-in siren, color night vision, and 2K video with HDR.

There are 3 bullet cameras in this system, and it will cost you about 900 euros. It also allows remote monitoring, integration with Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. 

A more budget-friendly alternative is a Hikvision CCTV Kit with two 4MP ColorVu Cameras and 1TB NVR. These dome cameras can see color at night. There is a free HIK-Connect app for remote monitoring.


Even though the CCTV system increases home security, there are some disadvantages. One of them is the cost. However, technology evolves very fast to meet your budget and security needs in every situation. Another disadvantage is that improperly installed cameras may violate your neighbor’s privacy. Make sure to use a professional when setting up the equipment, so that all your security cameras would point in the right direction.

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