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What Types of Burglar Alarm Are Available Today?

Dec 07, 2020
What Types of Burglar Alarm Are Available Today?

Did you know that the burglar alarm system is not only a highly effective deterrent and home security device, but it also can get you a significant home insurance discount? Moreover, according to the statistics, every fourth Irish citizen has been the victim of a break-in, but over 46% of homeowners still do not have a decent intruder alarm system.

A burglar alarm is an electronic device designed to prevent and detect unauthorized entry into a building or other premises. In case of intrusion, such device emits noise or some other alert to let designated people know of the emergency. An intruder alarm consists of various contacts and sensors detecting movements and openings of windows and doors.

So, what types of burglar alarm systems are there?


There are three categories: wired, wireless and hybrid. 

A wired alarm system might be a cheaper option if your house is already pre-wired. Even though a wired system seems to be cheaper in general, it may be more expensive because of the hidden costs of cables, trunking and cable clips. The most reliable and popular hard-wired systems available nowadays are made by Texecom, Scantronic and Honeywell.

A wireless alarm system is easier and faster to install, they are cheaper to buy, but its running cost might be higher compared to its wired counterpart. Another benefit of this type of alarm is that it can be easily moved to a different place. One of the best wireless alarm systems is manufactured by Yale, Visonic, RISCO, Texecom and Pyronix. 

A hybrid intruder alarm system guarantees home security by combining wired and wireless functionality, for example, a panel Risco LightSys 2.


Within each of the above-mentioned categories there are two other types of system: audible (or sound) only and remotely monitored.

Sound Only

Audible-only intruder alarms rely on the sound of a siren only. This sound is meant to deter the criminals and alert homeowners of the incident.

Remotely Monitored

This kind of systems means in case of intrusion the device will not only emit the sound but also send a signal to a monitoring station to inform a nominated keyholder or officials that the alarm has been activated. This system can be connected to the outside world via a phone line or a mobile network.


Whatever type of intruder alarm you will choose, it is essential to make sure this solution has some of the following features:

  • alarm monitoring – it allows constant control over your property via remote video on your mobile device or desktop computer.
  • energy management – some modern alarm systems allow saving money on bills by controlling and adjusting thermostat or light settings remotely.
  • carbon monoxide detectors – your home burglar alarm system can do more than protect your from burglars, so, quite a few intruder alarms are equipped with such sensors.


There is no universal answer when it comes to choosing a home security strategy and products, including intruder alarm system. Your choice will always depend on our circumstances. For instance, if you are living in an isolated area with close to no neighbours, then your best option might be a remotely monitored system. On the contrary, if you are living in an apartment block or an urban area, then a sound-only system may be appropriate.

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