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Where to Place Home CCTV Cameras?

Nov 28, 2020
Where to Place Home CCTV Cameras?

CCTV system, also known as closed-circuit television, is a solution that allows homeowners to keep an eye on what's happening in and around their home or premises with the help of cameras, monitors and recorders.

So, such systems are usually used to deter and detect criminals, but as well to record the crime and provide the evidence in investigations if needed. The way CCTV system works depends on the type of cameras the owner uses; they usually distinguish two types of cameras: analogue and IP-based. Strictly speaking, the term CCTV camera is mostly used about analogue surveillance cameras. 

There are a few things to consider when buying a home CCTV system


Video Quality

As you already know, high camera resolution provides sharper images. For the best picture quality consider getting home CCTV cameras with 1080p or higher resolution. 

Night Vision

It is one of the most crucial features for outdoor cameras. Infrared (IR) technology can ensure the clearest night vision images.

Zoom and Tilt Functions

To get the best view without the need to reposition the camera, you will need to get a CCTV camera with remote-controlled tilt and zoom functionality.

Remote Control

Many surveillance cameras can stream a feed to your mobile device. It is a valuable feature for anyone who wants to check their premises anytime from anywhere.


There are many types of cameras available these days: bullet, dome, C-mount and so on. Each of these types is better for a particular purpose and location. For example, a wide-angle camera can cover numerous spots, reducing the need for extra cameras.

Nevertheless, such cameras usually record fewer details and make everything look smaller. Thus, well-places surveillance cameras can:

  • deter potential thieves
  • detect intruders who ignore cameras
  • provide evidence


So, where should we place home CCTV cameras for the most efficiency?


Front Doors

One-third of all burglars enter houses through the front door of the building. Thus, the best way to protect the main entrance of your home (and to record the face of the intruder) is to place the camera not less than 2 meters up and point it down at an angle. 

Side and Back Doors

About one-fourth of burglars try their luck at side or back doors of the residential property. As it is the second most popular spot of entry for intruders, you should install your second CCTV camera here. 


One more popular spot for breaking in is first-floor window, usually off-street windows. It is the third place to protect with your home CCTV system. 

Garages and Driveways

About 9% of burglars can try to get in through an adjacent garage. So, placing an outdoor security camera above the driveway or at your garage doors can help detect suspicious activity.


If there are basements or balconies with staircases in your building that lead to entry points, consider placing a camera on the stairs.

Common Areas

If a burglar manages to get into your home, they are likely to search for valuables in specific places, for example, the living room and bedrooms. Make sure to install surveillance cameras to watch over common areas and corridors leading to such areas.

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