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Why Should You Install Access Control Systems?

Apr 11, 2020
Why Should You Install Access Control Systems?

Whether you own a small shop or a large commercial property, installing an access control system is highly essential. A good access control system serves the basic purpose of restricting passage to particular areas of a building and is a security measure that keeps on giving. For one, it can help you keep employees safe while protecting property at the same time.

There are different types of access control systems to be aware of. This article will focus on regular systems, including intercoms. Some brands to consider when looking for reliable intercoms – such as audio-only, video, and IP based intercom systems – include Siemens, Paxton Access, Videx, and ACT.

The main reasons for installing access control system include:

Improved Security

Requiring people to identify themselves over an intercom system or by entering a pin, password, or fingerprint access is a common way for companies to improve security. Many of these systems monitor the identity of those requesting access to a building or parts of it. If someone does not have a good reason or the right credentials to enter a facility, the door or gate will remain closed and ensures there won’t be a possible security breach.

Visitor Management

Some businesses allow various visitors from time to time, primarily customers. Family members and friends of employees, business associates and other clients may also request access occasionally. Even buildings that have high restrictions to outsiders can see visits from regulatory bodies and inspectors. With suitable access control systems in place, the identity of visitors can first be verified. The information received then helps to determine which areas of the facility the visitor can gain access to. This also helps to avoid security breaches, as well as allows the business to safeguard important information and prevent exposure to hazardous material.

Enhance Communication

Where intercoms are used for access control, communication between employees and other workers can be enhanced. Messages can easily be sent out to relevant parties and feedback received where necessary. In addition, if there is an incident such as a fire, break-in or damage to equipment, people in other parts of the building can be alerted using a simple audio-only intercom, allowing workers to take the necessary steps to protect themselves or get help.

Minimize Phone Use

In many companies, personal phone use is considered to be hazardous or a deterrent to productivity. Yet, communicating with and among employees might be necessary. In such an instance, an intercom system, whether audio-only or video intercom, can be highly useful. As mentioned above, this will improve communication but at the same time minimize the need for workers to be on their personal phones while working.


Without an appropriate access control system, some employees would constantly have to be walking to gates and doors to interview people, open and lock doors each time a visitor comes by. Using a simple intercom system makes it more convenient for people to stay in their respective work areas while allowing or denying access as needed.


In Ireland, there are a number of companies that can install access control systems. However, you should ensure any contractor you use is a holder of proper certification such as a Private Security Authority license. If in doubt, you can always contact Power Right Ltd. to help you get set up with an access control system that suits your business needs.

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