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Public Line


Become one with the city

PublicLine is compatible with all grid networks and is available with double connectors. Its iconic LED-ring provides a clear status indication, making PublicLine a friendly face for electric drivers at day and night.

Take full control of your energy use

We make it our priority to maintain safe and efficient charging at all times, without affecting any of your other facilities. With adjustable charging rates and Smart Charging configurations, PublicLine ensures an energy-efficient distribution of the available power over multiple charging stations and locations.

Minimize the maintenance

We know you've got plenty of other things on your hands. This is why we've made PublicLine vandal proof, non-flammable and discoloration proof. Its robust and modular build makes the charger the strongest one around.

Charging management

Our charging management software automates the tracking and invoicing of all charging sessions from both private and public charging stations. This platform is essential to both businesses and lease drivers. A subscription is required for every EVBox charging station that you've purchased, and we're happy to assist you in making the choice.


Why Home

Are you looking for a subscription for charging at home? This is the best fit for home charging and for the individual electric vehicle driver.

Why Business

Do you have charging stations installed at the office? This is the ideal subscription for businesses and workplace charging.

Why Enterprise

Are you interested in commercial charging? With advanced tariff customization options, this is the best subscription for you.

Why manage your EVBox stations


Automated billing
We understand that managing multiple charging stations (across various locations) may involve quite a bit of work. This is why we automate the billing and settlement of all charging sessions with your staff and/or leasing partners—so all you need to do is focus on what matters most to you.

Efficient power consumption
We make it our goal to maintain safe and energy-efficient charging at all times, without affecting any of your appliances at home or facilities in the workplace. Avoid unnecessary costs and get the most out of your charging stations in case of limited power capacity with our Smart Charging features, such as Hub / Satellite, Load Balancing, and Peak Shaving.

Configurable features
Set variables for the LED ring indication, kWh-/start tariffs, and (de)activation times to accommodate your business hours, your staff’s and customers’ charging habits, as well as to ensure safe and responsible charging.

Do you have any questions?

Simply contact us and we will get back to as soon as possible!