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Avigilon CCTV Solutions for The Gaming Industry

Feb 21, 2023
Avigilon CCTV Solutions for The Gaming Industry

The gaming industry has to deal with daunting challenges in fraud reduction and security: protecting guests and employees, safeguarding critical assets, and preventing major breaches. Strict regulations must be followed to comply with governing bodies and maintain the integrity of operations.

Casino surveillance departments use advanced CCTV camera systems to collect data and tackle threats in real time. It is a powerful tool that allows operators to analyze events quickly while mitigating future risks.

Even though the common behavioural patterns among cheaters, offenders and fraudulent employees are well-known, taking action against such behaviours would be rather reactive than proactive without intelligent CCTV solutions.

A well-designed AI surveillance architecture includes five main components: network, recorder, camera, monitoring, and analytics. Most casinos incorporate these components to enhance operational readiness and mitigate risk. Here are a few CCTV solutions from Avigilon Corporations that can ensure the safety of your employees and guests.


Large Areas

Casinos need to look for surveillance cameras with enough flexibility to cover large areas at high resolution. H5A camera line suggests smarter and more powerful video security solutions.

H5A surveillance cameras feature Next-Generation Video Analytics to help focus on potentially critical events. There are different form factors and resolutions available. Moreover, Lightcatcher Technology offers extraordinary detail in areas with low lighting.


Slot Machines and Poker Tables

One critical challenge with slot machines is ensuring the coverage of every unit on the casino floor. In most casinos, you can see dozens to hundreds of surveillance cameras overlooking the gaming floor.

Working with an expert security consultant is crucial when deciding where to place the cameras and the type of CCTV solutions to install. Some cameras are strategically placed facing the slot machines or inserted in poker tables.

Fortunately, advancements in security technologies are making monitoring any suspicious activity much easier.


Suspicious Individuals and Vehicles

Up-to-date AI capabilities facilitate table monitoring, detecting  suspicious vehicles through license plate recognition, and blacklisted or aggressive individuals through facial recognition.

For example, VT100 body-worn camera is capable of not only capturing evidential video and audio, but also deterring public aggression towards servers and other frontline workers. This small, low-key device provides an added sense of security, knowing that help is at hand with the push of a button.

CCTV camera systems may also be able to read license plate information automatically, linking it to recorded video so that you can find specific captured license plate images for verification and investigation.


Concealed Weapons

Avigilon Control Center, integrated with Evolv Technology, is more effective than legacy metal detectors and operates up to ten times faster. This technology screens up to 60 people per minute, allowing visitors and employees to walk naturally through multi-lane entrances without pausing. H5A Modular Camera features two 3 MP Micro Bullet imager modules installed on the front and back.

Operators see what’s happening in high- resolution. The imager modules’ WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) provides clear image in demanding lighting conditions, including areas with strong backlight. Additionally, Avigilon CCTV camera system allows to utilize other features such as facial recognition, appearance search and focus of attention alarms.

The combination of significant amounts of cash and high-volume visitor traffic in casinos creates potential security threats of hacking, fraud and theft from employees and guests.


Gaming industry continues to be one of the largest CCTV technology users by investing in the latest solutions to monitor large areas, slot machines, suspicious vehicles and people. Avigilon integrated ecosystem can protect your guests, employees, gaming assets and property. When choosing what type of cameras to install and where to place them, it is crucial to work with an expert security consultant.

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