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What Are the Best CCTV Solutions for Retail Business?

Sep 19, 2022
What Are the Best CCTV Solutions for Retail Business?

The rise of online shopping all around the globe has driven physical retail sites to lay a greater emphasis on the guest experience. At the same time, the sad truth is that the retail business inevitably faces shoplifting and theft at some point in time.

The risk of crimes varies depending on the business and the product. Technology or jewellery stores, for instance, are more vulnerable since their products are more expensive. Thus, companies do their best to create a safe and secure shopping environment for their employers and customers. Detection and prevention of theft necessitate a unique strategy and diverse solutions: from monitored alarms and uniformed guards to surveillance cameras.

The vital part of the retail security system is CCTV. Security cameras can be installed overtly or covertly, suggesting motion sensors and a wide variety of features. Reliable CCTV camera systems from recognized security brands, such as Avigilon, can benefit retail businesses in multiple ways:

  • Discourage pilfering and stealing
  • Deter potential intruders and vandals
  • Encourage productivity
  • Monitor staff’s work and management
  • Control access to retail space and parking lots

Here are a few features to consider when choosing a suitable and worthwhile surveillance camera system:

Powerful Search

Appearance Search technology allows sorting through hours of recorded video easily and quickly to locate a specific vehicle or person across an entire site in almost real-time. It helps reduce shrinkage, identify false liability claims and improve theft prevention. The H5A camera line from Avigilon features AI video analytics technology and offers detection of up to 50 objects in the scene, alerting staff members of important events happening within your premises.

Cloud Service Platform

A cloud-based CCTV camera system is a decent tool providing remote monitoring and storage capabilities. Moreover, such a system allows receiving event alerts through a dedicated mobile app at the store or on the go.

Easy Integration

Choose security solution providers that are built on an open platform. It means you can leverage previous third-party investments in case they are ONVIF compliant. Thus, Avigilon video management software can work with your existing intercom, access control and external alarm systems.


What are the most popular types of surveillance cameras for shops?

Dome Camera

These surveillance devices are usually placed indoors. The dome shape makes these cameras visible yet inconspicuous because it is hard to tell the direction the CCTV camera is facing. They are fairy common in retail spaces. Dome cameras are mostly vandal-proof as they are usually installed on the ceiling of the room. Some dome cameras feature infrared illuminators, enabling them to capture images in low light conditions.

Bullet Camera

Bullet cameras have a cylinder-like design, and they are fitted with a fixed or varifocal lens. Retailers mostly install them outdoors or indoors, especially where long-range viewing is necessary, for instance, in corridors, backyards and parking lots. Bullet cameras are placed in protective casings and are usually weatherproof. Most such cameras come with a fixed length with an angle of view up to 80 degrees.


Whether you are a national retailer or a small neighbourhood business, the security of your assets, employees, and store is your full responsibility. Each type of business has unique requirements; a small boutique has a different staff size, layout, location, and compliance regulations than a large department store.

Nevertheless, there are a number of advanced features you could pay attention to when choosing a cutting-edge CCTV system: powerful appearance search technology, cloud-based services and easy integration with third-party systems and solutions. Keep in mind that the most suitable types of cameras for stores are dome and bullet.

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