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Major Fire & Safety Concerns over Schools

Sep 07, 2017

There has been a lot of media attention recently surrounding the breaches of school building standards. Safety fears were raised for thousands of school children around the Country after the Department of Education published safety reports on five schools which found that they did not comply with the fire safety certificate requirements.

As the North West’s leading Fire and Security Provider, Power Right Fire and Security want to ensure the safety of the thousands of school children and teachers in our region.

In light of the recent concerns in school’s fire safety and with the Government’s announcement that it is to commission fire safety audits on a number of schools constructed in the last 20 years, Power Right Fire and Security are offering FREE Fire & Safety Health Checks to ALL SCHOOLS in the North-West. Their team of Fire & Emergency Lighting Engineers are prepared to travel around the North West and assess each school’s current fire safety systems irrespective of their initial installer.

Power Right Fire and Security MD, Raymond O’Boyle has said, “The safety of school children is paramount. We’ve been in business for over 35 years and seen the devastating effects that fires can cause. We want to help prevent tragedy and that’s why we’re offering free Fire & Safety Health Checks to all schools in the North-West.” Power Right Fire and Security will be able to advise on whether your school is compliant with the National Standards or not and are also capable of issuing fire safety certifications to the schools who reach the compliance standards, giving Peace of Mind to parents and teachers alike!

Pictured is Summerhill Principal Paul Keogh and our Lead Fire and Emergency Lighting Engineer Gerry Walsh. Speaking of Power Right, Paul Keogh said, ‘’Last year we engaged with Power Right to come and perform a health check on the School and its existing Fire Alarm System. They presented me with their recommendations as to where we were at and what work was required to ensure our School was fully compliant with the National Standards.  From recommendations to the works carried out, to the servicing and maintenance of the Fire Alarm and Emergency Lighting Systems, they have been extremely helpful and professional and I would have no hesitation in recommending Power Right.”

It is a statutory requirement for businesses to have a Fire Alarm and Emergency Lighting System installed on the premises and to ensure the system is maintained by a competent person or by a specialist company to complete the routine maintenance of your Life Safety System.

If you think your local school needs a fire and safety check, please ask your School Principal or Parent’s Council to contact Power Right on 071 914 5107.

For further information on Fire & Security, you can visit the Power Right website

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