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3 Types Of Modern Commercial Intercom Systems

Mar 29, 2022
3 Types Of Modern Commercial Intercom Systems

When people think of intercom systems, they usually associate them with residential buildings. However, commercial buildings need to manage access control and accommodate visitors, too.

So, the suitable building entry solution for businesses should have a directory to look up people or a door release mechanism to let visitors in remotely.


What Is a Commercial Intercom?

A commercial intercom system is an access control solution for office, industrial, and commercial buildings to allow communication and property entrance. Audio or video intercoms let tenants speak with visitors and grant them access.

There are two components of a wired or wireless intercom:

1.       Base station is a device installed at the entrance.

2.       Substations are the units installed throughout the building.

Both components contain a speaker and microphone, which transmit audio so visitors and tenants can talk to each other. Video intercoms also have a camera, so employees can see visitors before granting them access.


How Do Intercoms Work?

Intercoms have been present in business properties for decades. Early systems only let office workers communicate with each other from different suites or rooms. But today, these access control solutions are far more advanced. They feature cloud-based management systems, cameras, door release mechanisms, mobile apps and are more powerful than ever.

Modern commercial intercoms:

  • Empower occupants to manage property access and open doors from anywhere.
  • Enable managers to add, review and revoke access permissions.
  • Reduce installation and maintenance costs.

You can find many reputable brands, for example, Hikvision, Videx and Comelit, offering modern intercom solutions for business. When choosing an intercom for your business, you must first understand the types of systems available. Here are the most common types of commercial buildings:

Intercom for internal communication

Office systems let users communicate with colleagues within a building. Recently they have been replaced by emails, smartphones, and messaging apps. These intercoms lack a door release feature. So, they cannot provide property access for building staff, tenants, and visitors.

Intercom with door release

If the goal is to grant access without being at the entrance, you need a system with a door release mechanism. The door release is a crucial feature because it allows occupants to unlock the gate or door with the press of a button.

Such wired or wireless intercoms require a particular type of door lock: either a magnetic lock or an electric strike.

Additionally, this communication system requires a connection between the door release mechanism and the intercom.


Video Intercoms

A commercial video intercom system features a camera allowing users to video chat with visitors prior to granting them access.

Business video intercoms suggest one of the following:

1.       One-way video calling. Only the base station has a camera. So, only employees can see visitors during a call.

2.       Two-way video calling. Both the base station and substations have cameras. Thus, employees and visitors can see and hear each other during a video call.

Video calling considerably improves security at your building by letting users see the person at the door before granting access. That is why investing in this type of intercoms is a great idea.


Having commercial intercoms installed might significantly enhance business security and reduce operating expenditures. Both wired and wireless intercom systems may be used for internal communication, granting access or video chat remotely.

Hence, different systems may have different features. The most advanced intercoms enable users to have audio and video communication, screen visitors at the entry point, lock and unlock the door remotely and even send notifications.

Office intercoms for internal communication are not the most effective tool. We recommend investing in a more sophisticated system that functions as an access control solution.

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