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4 Reasons for Video Management and Access Control Integration

Jan 27, 2023
4 Reasons for Video Management and Access Control Integration

Video surveillance and access control systems are the top two technologies that have helped businesses advance the security of employees and customers. Such access control solutions as wireless door handles, smart readers and intercom systems, guarantee that a person’s identity is confirmed and permits entry. Video surveillance offers a reliable method of security check by adding visibility.

However, the recent trend in security technology is to combine video surveillance with a door entry system for a more efficient way to gather data. Some leading companies make it their prime task. For instance, the Paxon booth’s theme at the ISC West trade show 2022, one of the largest converged security trade events, was access control and ease of integration.

Here are the reasons why this integration might be advantageous for your business.


Enhanced Efficiency

Both video surveillance and door entry systems can be monitored from a single interface on a desktop or smartphone app. This tandem is more user-friendly and effective as you will have control over all the smart readers, wireless locks, intercom systems, CCTV cameras and other devices in one place.

You don’t have to learn the mechanics of numerous physical security products to operate them separately. You will need a single upgrade for your system instead of spending time and money on upgrading all the components. Therefore, integration also saves on costs.

A single Paxton10 system by Paxton Access Ltd. can support up to 1000 cameras and 1000 doors. Site managers can add up to 50,000 users without additional license fees. It makes the system cost-effective. Moreover, when using Paxton you can continuously scale the system with a click of a mouse.


Improved Safety

Integrating video surveillance and wireless door handles helps to focus on incidents as they happen in real-time. Thus, you can deal with tailgaters immediately as they move throughout the premises by automatically locking doors.

Such integration also allows for locating and handling hazardous conditions and fires. You are able not only to lock or unlock doors, but also track the individuals as they leave the building.  


Centralized Monitoring

The most practical aspect of integration is centralizing multiple operations. There is no need to assign an administrator to a particular event. The UK manufacturer of market-leading CCTV and access control systems, Paxton designed a next-generation management solution on a single platform.

It integrates not only with your CCTV system but also with fire and intruder alarms and leading biometric readers, providing more streamlined security for your business.


Post-Incident Investigations

Even though the main goal is not to let incidents happen, sometimes they do. Integrating access control with video surveillance may significantly simplify the process of finding evidence of criminal or illegal behaviour. Alternatively, it may help, for example, to access the video feed proving that someone else used your employee’s credentials to enter the facility.


Who Benefits Most?

There are types of businesses where any breach requires immediate action. These companies will undeniably benefit from integration:

  • Multi-Tenant Buildings
  • Headquarters and large corporate offices
  • Areas where security is a top priority
  • Sites where incidents or thefts occur regularly


Integration between systems is the future of security. It provides a range of advantages, creating a more proactive security strategy. Integrating video management and access control systems creates a multi-layered approach that results in a more comprehensive security system.

The video component contributes a layer of accountability that wireless door handles and door entry systems simply can’t provide on their own. Besides the combined solution on a single platform suggests a user-friendly and cost-effective management experience that futureproofs your business security.

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