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What Pelco Specialty CCTV Cameras Are There?

Dec 14, 2022
What Pelco Specialty CCTV Cameras Are There?

Unlike standard home security systems, business video surveillance solutions are designed to satisfy much more unique and complicated needs and scenarios. Depending on your business type, you might necessitate a discreet surveillance camera for monitoring lifts, storage rooms or mental health hospital wards. Some environments require CCTV solutions with truly unique features to suit your security needs.

What Are Specialty Cameras?

Specialty cameras can operate in extreme environmental and lighting conditions. Hence, these security devices are suitable for monitoring and guarding offshore rigs, oil pipelines and refineries. They can withstand temperatures ranging from -60° to 60° Celsius. Additionally, these cameras also have special features, such as chemical explosion resistance.

Some CCTV solution developers create whole speciality camera lines putting different businesses in focus. For example, Pelco, a global leader in the development and manufacture of business CCTV systems, offers ExSite Enhanced and Sarix TI 2 series camera lines as well as fortified camera systems.

Sarix TI (Thermal Imaging) Camera Line

This fixed camera is capable of detecting, recognizing and identifying vehicles and people in any lighting condition, including complete darkness. This state-of-the-art, intelligent, dual-function thermal/visual single-head camera provides a stand-alone situational awareness solution. It has IP66 dust and water-resistance rating. That means the device is completely protected against dust, other particulates and powerful jets of directed water.

Sarix camera line can handle an extended range of challenging lighting conditions while delivering sharp footage. Thermal imaging surveillance cameras are usually used in such environments as large cities, airports, and oil and gas organizations.

Safe Cities

Keeping an entire city protected and running efficiently is an enormous task. Pelco’s security solutions help improve cooperation between city agencies, facilitate investigations, streamline emergency management and improve traffic flow.


Due to their high foot traffic and complex structure (multiple terminals, vast perimeter, wide spaces), airports are exposed to threats. Secure passengers, staff and assets, It requires robust solutions with a reliable video management system.

Oil and Gas Organizations

It is essential for these businesses to ensure workplace safety, boost productivity, lower operational risk, and comply with regulations. Sarix's real-time video security solutions help protect oil and gas operations and monitor workers' safety in the harshest and darkest environments.

ExSite Enhanced Camera Line

These security solutions are built to control operations in hazardous locations that may present risks of explosion due to the presence of flammable gases, liquids or dust. CCTV camera housing meets dust ignition and explosion-proof requirements. These devices operate reliably at increased temperature (from –40° to 70°C) variances and comply with international standards.

Additionally, ExSite Enhanced IR PTZ 2 camera features IR Illuminator Option, providing details up to 200m in challenging zero light conditions. Another advantage is that its video analytics bring faster response time and greater accuracy.

Offshore Rigs

Exsite speciality surveillance cameras equipped with image stabilization deliver stable and sharp images, even in a high-vibration environment.

Chemical Plants

These explosion-proof cameras feature heavy-duty housing that prevents their electrical components from igniting flammables.

Desert Drill Sites

With ingress protection (up to IP69) and an operating range of up to 70°C Exsite camera series can survive the dust storms of desert drill sites.

With Pelco's specialty CCTV camera systems we can deliver supreme-quality video for the most demanding applications in the most extreme environments and lighting conditions. If your business requires more than what standard video security systems offer, consider investing in Sarix or ExSite camera lines.

They have all the necessary characteristics to ensure the safety of your employees and assets in such critical and dangerous environments as chemical plants, drill sites and airports.  

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