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Access Control

Avigilon Unity on-premise security suite

Formerly Avigilon Control Center, Avigilon Cloud Services, Avigilon Access Control Manager

Avigilon Unity is our on-premise security suite that centralizes video security, access control & flexible cloud management into one platform. Its AI-powered video management interface highlights what’s most important across sites and it links access control events with video evidence. With enterprise-grade scale, you can support large complex environments with easy cloud-based access in the palm of your hand.


Security that evolves.
Safety that endures.

The Avigilon security suite provides secure, scalable and flexible video security & access control to organizations of all sizes around the world. From cloud-native Avigilon Alta to on-premise Avigilon Unity, this security suite is powered by advanced analytics and designed to provide an effortless user experience, so your security is tailored perfectly to your needs.


Experience an end-to-end physical security ecosystem

See how Avigilon brings together flexible, modular layers of security that allow you to react faster, with greater awareness of what is happening at any given moment.


Intuitive design

Access your security from anywhere. Built with simplicity in mind, the Avigilon security suite creates an effortless user experience that’s intuitive and innovative, because while challenges are complex, your security shouldn't be.


Make watching live video obsolete. Stay aware with AI-powered analytics that learn what matters to your security and bring your attention to anomalies and threats so you can detect, verify and act.


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Trust that your video cameras can comply with the U.S. National Defense Authorization Act and know the Avigilon security suite is compliant with global government regulations and built on a cybersecure platform.