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Intrinsically Safe & Explosion-Proof Range

Power Right can offer you Hochiki's Intrinsically Safe and Explosion Proof range of products has been designed and produced to ensure that all the great benefits of Hochiki's high-quality fire detection technology can be safely operated within industrial and hazardous environments.

What is Intrinsic Safety?

For an electrical product to be 'Intrinsically Safe' it must be incapable of igniting an explosive atmosphere by either spark or heat. This is achieved by ensuring only low currents and voltages enter the hazardous area, and therefore the whole circuit must be considered, not just the device in isolation.

An 'Intrinsically Safe Circuit' therefore must restrict the electrical and thermal energy such that ignition of a hazardous atmosphere (explosive gas or dust) cannot occur.


Main Benefits of Hochiki's I.S. Range


IS Product Range


A Conventional I.S. Rate of Rise Heat Detector designed for use in hazardous areas. Incorporates a remote indicator output and a 60°C fixed temperature element.

  • Twin fire LEDs allow 360° viewing
  • Electronics free mounting base
  • Remote indicator output
  • ATEX certification to: Ex ia IIC T5 Ga (-20°C ≤ Ta ≤ +55°C)
  • Suitable for installation in areas at Category 1 (inc all lower categories)
  • Approved by LPCB, GL and to IECEx f Also available in White - DCD-1E-IS(WHT).‚Äč


A Conventional Explosion-Proof Infrared Flame Detector designed to respond to low-frequency (1 to 15Hz) flickering IR radiation emitted from flames during combustion, the unit can discriminate between flames and spurious sources of radiation such as sunlight.

  • Unaffected by convection currents, draughts or wind and solar-blind
  • Tolerant of fumes, vapours, dust and mist
  • ATEX certificated to: EEx d IIC T6 (85°C) (zones 1, 21, 2 and 22)
  • Selectable response speed
  • Class 1 performance as defined in BS EN54-10:2002 (on the high sensitivity setting)
  • Approved by LPCB f SIL capable
  • Mounting bracket available IFD-MB.


A Conventional Detector Mounting Base for use with Intrinsically Safe and SIL-capable conventional detectors.

  • Low Profile, only 8mm f Rugged design
  • Dedicated cable screen terminal
  • Accepts from 1 to 2.5mm2 cables
  •  Quick connection via square cable clamps
  •  Electronics free
  •  GL Type approval
  • SIL2 capable
  •  Available in Ivory or White.



This Isolated Barrier is used for intrinsic safety applications. It transfers DC signals from fire alarms, smoke alarms, and temperature sensors in hazardous areas. It can also be used to control I/P converters, power solenoids, LEDs, and audible alarms.

  • 2-channel isolated barrier
  • Current input/output 0 mA to 40 mA
  • I/P or transmitter power supply
  • Accuracy 1%
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • SIL capable.


A Conventional Manual Call Point designed for use in hazardous areas and based upon the industry standard KAC world series housing. Supports either a ‘Frangible Glass’ element or a ‘Non-Frangible Plastic’ element.

  •  Terminals can accommodate up to a 2.5mm2 solid conductor
  •  Approved to EN54 Part 12
  •  Rugged design
  •  ATEX Classification to: II 1G EEx ia IIC T4
  • GL Type approval.



A Dual Zone Module which is fully compatible with Hochiki’s ESP analogue addressable protocol and I.S. equipment. The module will allow connection of up to 40 Hochiki I.S. conventional detectors (20 per zone) through a Galvanic isolator or Zener barrier, which are then fully monitored for open and short circuits. Also available as a DIN Rail mountable version. Both models feature an integral short-circuit isolator.2-channel isolated barrier

  • Single loop address
  • Supports two independent zones of Hochiki I.S. Conventional Detectors
  • Both zones are fully monitored for short/open-circuit
  • Requires an auxiliary 24 VDC supply
  • DIN rail version available
  • Both models feature an integral short-circuit isolator
  • Both models approved by LPCB
  • Installed in safe area only
  • Can be used with CHQ-BACKBOX to comply with BS 7671

Ideal for many environments

The IS and Explosion Proof system is adaptable to a broad range of environments and applications. From small to very large areas, the system can be designed to fit almost any particular environment. Such as -

  • Refineries
  • Waste recycling facilities
  • Biomass storage facilities
  • Engine rooms
  • Fuel stations
  • Hazardous-defined areas
  • Oil refineries
  • Petroleum production facilities
  • Coal mining
  • Gas processing
  • Chemical engineering
  • Airborne powder facilities



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