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Power Right & CTEK & Monta Software

Power Right have partnered up with Sweden’s CTEK and Danish Software Monta to support businesses wanting to install EV chargers in Ireland. Together they will help to install, manage, and monetise company EV charge points, offering a complete package.

It offers the greatest degree of flexibility to organisations with a requirement for :

  • Managing revenue from public charging,
  • Offering charging at competitive or free rates to guests or staff.
  • Charging of your company's EV fleet.  

Who are CTEK?

Power Right has selected CTEK as its premium manufacturer of choice.  CTEK is a Swedish manufacturer of EV chargers and is the global leader in battery care and management solutions, selling over a million chargers every year in over 70 countries. CTEK brings decades of expertise and technological innovation to the Electric Vehicle (EV) sector. CTEK’s vision is to develop and provide the safest electric car charging on the market.

Who are Monta?

Monta provides the software backend and mobile App that manages the charging, payments and administration of your EV charging plan.  The Back End is the ability to seamlessly allow you and your customers to connect to the chargers using the App.  Monta facilitates an easy way to pay and collects the money on your behalf. Monta is the ultimate companion to any electric vehicle. By focusing on open software standards, the team is building the operating system for anyone that seeks or provides EV charging. Solving the hurdles of public charging means accelerating EV adoption the Monta team has the deep product experience and ability to execute it at speed.

Create Revenue Streams

Earn money as people pay by kWh for electricity consumed. Our Monta Solution is the industry-leading software to manage this process. Let it work for you.


Comply with EU Directive 2014/894 which requires 10% of parking spaces to be equipped with charge points by 2021.

Future Proofed

Be future-proofed as the use of Electric Cars becomes more popular and more Electric Cars come out.

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