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Industry-leading access control solutions

Implement everywhere, manage from anywhere. Openpath’s agile mobile access control solution with remote management capabilities enhances safety at every level, without sacrificing convenience.

Onepath access control for enterprise

For enterprise

Scalable multi-site security

Onepath touchless access control

100% touchless

Keyless, contactless, and convenient

Onepath access control for commercial real estate

For commercial real estate

Access control as an amenity

onepath access control

Access, your way

Flexible, secure credentials

Onepath access control for For multi-family residential

For multi-family residential

Creating safer communities

Native occupancy tracking

Native occupancy tracking

Safety features built-in

The Openpath difference

The Openpath access control difference

Mobile access reimagined. Strengthen security posturing, reduce cost, and improve building experiences with Openpath.

Fastest, most reliable mobile access. Sub-second unlocks with patented Triple Unlock technology, even through Internet and service outages.

Remote system management. Manage your entire database from any web browser, on any device, wherever you are.

Integrated video and access. Powerful visual verification with mobile monitoring, remote unlock, and two-way audio.

Easy to install. Standard wiring eliminates the need for servers or a dedicated IP network for a frictionless install.

Smart security for every door. Complete access control with video, voice activation, turnstile and elevator solutions, plus Schlage® wireless lock integrations.


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