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Fire Alarm Maintenance

We will provide a competitive quote to service any sized fire alarm to industry standards. We carry out the maintenance, inspection, and testing of fire alarms and issue a report and certification on each service ensuring your company is conforming to regulations.

Fire alarm systems with 20 or more devices should be serviced quarterly (every 3 months) or for single zone systems with less than 20 devices half yearly (every 6 months) and certified by a competent person / company. Also, a record / fire register must always be kept on site.

We carry out fire alarm maintenance to be fully compliant with IS 3218: 2013.

Maintenance worker looking after a fire and smoke alarms in the building

What we do

  • Check that all functions and displays of the control and indicating equipment are operating correctly. During service visit test 25% of the automatic and manual detection devices, such that every detector is proven to operate and its requisite degree of sensitivity to fire is maintained.
  • Check all standby batteries including their connections are in adequate condition.
  • Subject to the customer’s approval test all inputs and out puts of the fire alarm system are operating correctly.
  • Carry out a visual inspection to confirm if any structural or occupancy changes to the protected area may have an adverse effect on the performance of the system.
  • Check entries in the logbook and ensure that any appropriate actions necessary are brought to the attention of the person reasonable for the system.
  • When necessary provide customer with sufficient information ensuring correct use of operation and understanding of their system.
  • On completion of the service update the certificate of testing positioned adjacent to the fire alarm panel. We will also notify you in writing of requirements necessary to comply with IS3218:2013.

Emergency Lighting Maintenance

Green and white emergency lighting fitted on the corridor wall of the commercial premisesWe can provide periodic or annual scheduled maintenance visits of your emergency lighting to full compliance with IS. 3217:2013. The Emergency lighting installation will be tested and inspected to ascertain compliance with the standard. Each self-contained luminaire and internally illuminated escape route sign shall be tested for its full duration.

At the end of the service, the supply to the normal lighting shall be restored and every indicator lamp or device checked to ensure that it is showing that the normal supply has been restored.

Upon completion, a Test Certificate shall be provided.

We would be happy to survey or provide a quotation for the routine service & maintenance of the fire alarm or emergency system on your premises.

We can help.
Call 1800 938 881 to arrange Fire Protection Maintenance for your business.

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